An old fishing village on the Costa Brava: Cadaqués

Cadaqués is an old fishing village on the Costa Brava that maintains the essence of yesteryear. It is located in the Ampurdán region, but this small town remained isolated from the rest of the territory until the 19th century. The Puig de Paní mountain served as a barrier for centuries.

Proof that Cadaqués has been isolated for much of its history is the language. The Catalan spoken there has a different tone. And its way of receiving sunlight is also different, since Cadaqués It is the easternmost town in Spain. Discover what you can see in one of the most beautiful municipalities in Catalonia!

The development of an old fishing village on the Costa Brava

This town on the Costa Brava has always been marked by fishing activity. The outlet to the Mediterranean Sea has conditioned the economic future of Cadaqués. Fishing has traditionally been one of their great sources of income.

But this town has also been famous for other forms of use of the sea. In the 19th century, the salting industry developed. It is still alive, although not with the same importance as in its beginnings.

Over time, this former fishing village on the Costa Brava began to diversify its sources of income. Fishing was joined, from the beginning of the 20th century, by tourism. Such a beautiful town with spectacular beaches is the perfect destination for summer.

land of artists

This beautiful town has been an inexhaustible source of artistic and literary inspiration. Its white facades, the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful beaches and the fishing culture made some of the most famous artists of the last century use Cadaqués as their particular muse.

Marcel Duchamp fixed his summer residence in Cadaqués, one of the main creators in the dadaist style. A great artistic figure who spent his life between New York, Munich, Paris or Buenos Aires and who fell in love with this old fishing village on the Costa Brava.

Nevertheless, If there is a figure closely linked to Cadaqués, that is Salvador Dalí.. The versatile artist and bastion of surrealism lived for decades in a house in the cove of Port Lligat. And outstanding personalities of the arts and letters, such as Federico García Lorca, would pass through there.

What to see in Cadaques

The best advice is to let yourself go and enjoy every second you spend in this old fishing village on the Costa Brava. The beauty of its streets, the white facades combined with the vegetation or the boats fishing in the sea will make you fall in love.

The colors of the sunset that change everything and the sea breeze at nightfall make Cadaqués a dream place.

If you want to admire a wonderful panoramic view, you can do it from the main viewpoint of the town. There you will observe the white tone that predominates in the historic center. Also you will see the lighthouse, which we advise you to approach while you enjoy a nice walk.

Other sites you should see are the castle of San Jaime or the church of Santa María. The latter, in the center of Cadaqués, has the same style as the rest of the town, since its façade is also white.

The House-Museum of Salvador Dalí

Beyond the perfect natural environment of this beautiful town, there are other places that you should visit. It is essential to visit the Salvador Dalí House-Museum. As we said, Port Lligat is located and is an incredible display of the artist’s spirit, as labyrinthine and surreal as he is.

And something very important. You cannot visit freely. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance. It is also a good idea to check the opening dates and times, as they vary throughout the year.

It is also possible to approach the figure of Dalí in the Municipal Museum of Cadaqués. There, in addition to delving into the history of the municipality, you will learn about the life of the artist in this magnificent town.

We end our tour of this old fishing village on the Costa Brava by referring to a cultural event. The Cadaqués International Music Festival is held in Augustclose to turning 50 editions.

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