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An old Japanese man has been visiting this fish for more than 30 years, incredible right?

Maintaining a friendship for decades is not always easy. But a Japanese man has remained friends with a strange creature that seems to be from another planet, an Asian bream.

For some three decades, Arakawa, a 79-year-old Japanese diver, has been visiting “Yoriko,” an Asian bream they call in Japanese kubudai. (Kobu is Japanese for lump), he lives in the waters of the Hasama Underwater Park, a couple of hours south of Tokyo.

When Mr. Arakawa first found the fish, it was injured and unable to find its own food. He then took care of him and fed him, five cats a day for almost 10 days. Since then he believes that an affective relationship was formed.

In the video published by Great Big Story, we can see the beautiful friendship that exists between Mr. Akawaka and “Yoriko”. What do you think?


Via: mentalfloss

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