And in the series of fairytale towns in France, Vezelay

Located in the department of Yonneregion of Burgundyis the city of Vezelay, one of the most picturesque small towns in France. Among its treasures, the Vezelay Abbeyclassified as World Heritage and located on a hill around the town. Even the Abbey is part of the way Santiago de Compostelaa busy point of passage for thousands of pilgrims every month.


For its part, Vezelay It is a small village with few residents, but thanks to its tourist value, there is no lack of cafes, restaurants, and from every street, beautiful views of the countryside. The basilica of the city, and its churches, are true architectural relics that seem oversized for the size of the town.

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For their part, the peoples of the region of Burgundy What Vezelay They are always attractive and invite you to embark on a route through the hills in a rural environment and historic buildings. The list of charming French towns continues to grow, and with good reason.

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