Andalusia through its gastronomy: eight typical dishes

We celebrate Andalusia Day on February 28 with a brief review of the gastronomy of this region: eight typical Andalusian dishes, one for each province.

On February 28 the community of Andalusia celebrate your day. From Por Conocer we also want to pay our little tribute to this region of southern Spain and we are going to do it through its gastronomy.

So, let’s meet now eight typical dishes of the Andalusian land. eight plates, one for each of the eight provinces that make up Andalusia, undoubtedly one of the most touristic regions of our country.

Almeria soup

The Sopa de Almería is a typical dish of this province and more specifically of the coastal area, since it is a seafood soup. The main ingredient is usually the monkfishaccompanied by other seafood such as prawns or clams and vegetables such as peas, peppers and carrots, as well as Mayonnaise.

Shrimp fritters

Shrimp tortillas are very typical of the province of Cádiz, especially those coastal towns such as the provincial capital, San Fernando or Sanlúcar. It is a fried dough in olive oil, prepared with wheat and chickpea flour, onion and, logically, shrimp, following a recipe that could have several centuries of tradition.


A breaded roll that it keeps inside pork and serrano hamflamenquín really is that simple, a dish that is not lacking in the menus of practically any bar in Córdoba and that can be found in different sizes. Various towns in the province, such as Baena, Montilla or Bujalance, dispute the historical origin of the recipe.

Sardine skewers

Throughout the entire Costa del Sol there are beach bars beach and in most of all of them we find skewers. We could have chosen many culinary specialties to represent the province of Malaga, but nothing as famous as these rods on which they are strung sardines that they are made grilledsomething that may seem simple but has its technique.

granaino soaking

From Granada, the last region that resisted under Arab domination in the peninsula, we are left with a dish that It has its origin in the old Al Andalus: the soaking. Although the recipe varies, its most common form includes orange chopped watered with olive oilplus other ingredients such as hard-boiled eggs, olives, chives and cod.

Choco balls

A crashed It is what a small cuttlefish is called in the south, and in Huelva so many cuttlefish are caught that even the people of Huelva call themselves chocoros. The chocolate can be eaten in many waysfried, accompanying stews or meatball shapedthis being a very typical recipe of the area and very easy to find in any establishment.


The gastronomy of Jaén, the land of olive oil, is highly influenced by Manchegan gastronomy. An example of this are the Galians, a typical dish of Manchego shepherds which is widespread in the Sierra Jaen areas and which is very useful for cold days. Carries chopped rabbit meata tomato and garlic sauce and some flatbreads called galianeras.

Flamenco style eggs

There are few better things to open a Sevillian after-meal than ordering a cold beer and a tapa of flamenco eggs. It will arrive fresh out of the oven, in a clay pot so that it preserves the heat well, with a curdled egg on tomato sauce, vegetables and small pieces of ham. A simple dish but one that enters by sight, smell and logically by taste.

Photo 1 | Wikimedia Commons – Vicente Gil
Photo 2 | Pixabay – Sheaf

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