Apps and Tourism: travel companions

Now we often wonder how we got to our vacation destinations. The old road maps and the continuous questions to local inhabitants became history. And it is that, the arrival of new technologies and mobile apps have made traveling easier and easier.

Although the emergence of mobile phones was a milestone in telephone communication, the mobile internet already in the 20th century was even more so, thanks to tools such as geolocation and apps for smartphones and tablets. Online maps and very different apps dedicated to travel and tourism fill our mobile screens today.

Wide tourist offer

So much so that in 2016, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, together with SEGITTUR, prepared a guide with the 224 main apps in the tourism sector, which they divided into seven categories: transport, accommodation, leisure and restaurants, active tourism, guide of destinations, utilities and smartwatch. In this guide, they highlight that the new digital tourist is characterized by using their mobile devices and applications wherever they live to interact with the environment and be more practical. To do this, you need mobile services at different stages of the journey.

For this reason, the tourism sector has created in recent years a multitude of apps for tourism services, experiences and products… From searching for places to eat or reserving transportation and accommodation, to apps related to culture, nature, sports, know how the snow is to ski, the waves to navigate or surf, get discounts and much more. The preparation of the trip and the integration of the tourist in his holiday destination is much easier thanks to these apps. In recent years, the so-called “smart tourism” has been built.

User opinion

Renting an apartment or hotel, reserving tickets for the Alhambra, getting train or plane tickets to Paris or knowing the influx of traffic on a specific day on the Costa Brava highway, are just some of the information and services that these apps offer us. . In addition, many of them are based on the collaborative economy, where the opinion of users is crucial for new customers to opt for contracting these services. The better service or product offered, the more positive comments it will get and, consequently, the more people will download that app and contract those services. Excellence is important in this type of apps to achieve success.

In a few minutes we can book the vacation we always dream of. We are not only talking about getting tickets or renting apartments and hotels. More and more apps allow us original options, such as private boat rentals or booking ski vacations in a few minutes, with many accommodation possibilities and offers, as the app allows ski lovers. snow. This app offers ski deals on the best slopes in Andorra and other parts of Spain and Europe, as well as getaways to enjoy adventure sports or to live a romantic plan at very competitive prices.

organized improvisation

Although, a few years ago we had to have everything very square to plan our trips, these new technologies allow us to play more with improvisation and discover new activities or destinations that we did not have in mind. This does not mean that we do not organize our vacations, but perhaps we had an idea, but researching places in these apps, we change the destination for originality, price or other factors. In other words, we get out of the old, more restricted travel planning, since we have a multitude of interesting options with unique places to visit.

Summer holidays are not always synonymous with going to Thailand, within our country we have multiple places that we will not regret visiting and that perhaps we had never planned to discover. Visiting Caldea is one of these examples. Whether you are a ski lover or not, if what you are looking for is to escape the stress of work and experience total relaxation, you can get to know Andorra and visit the thermal center of Caldea. From less than €45 you can get a hotel night and a ticket to this Spa. The combination of the energy of the Andorran landscape with the vitality and relaxation provided by the thermal waters will renew you and make your summer vacation a unique experience for the senses.

Investigating in the apps you will discover many tourist examples like this one. They will allow you to get away from the typical and cheap vacation destinations and stand out with an original getaway that combines several options – spa, sailing, cultural visits and much more. If you are already thinking about your summer vacation, you can consult the app guide and decide which of them can make it easier for you to stay in your desired place.