Are you going to buy an HP printer? Evaluate the price of the inks

When printing a job or project, we want the document to be as perfect as it looks on the screenbut reaching that level of quality is not always an easy task, especially when the consumables used are not up to what is wanted.

A good print does not only depend on the quality of the printer. The ink or toner cartridge also plays an important role.but only if original and non-generic consumables are used.

How to choose a good cartridge?

The main rule when choosing the best cartridge for the printer revolves around its authenticity. As usual, the equipment only works with original consumablesMade especially for your brand.

The second thing to know is the cartridge number used by the equipment. Depending on the model and brand, the cartridges or toner have a specific number, also if the ink is colored or black the numbering changes.

Another aspect to consider is if the printing system is injection or continuous. In the case of the latter, the ink must be poured into small tanks that are installed next to the printer and reach the rails through ducts.

And above all… It is necessary to know if the machine uses toner or cartridgethat is, if it is injection or laser.

Quality and price ratio

As usual the issue of brands is usually associated with high pricesbut that only applies if you don’t carefully search for the best disposable consumable and compare the options that are on hand.

If by itself, a printer is usually an expensive piece of equipment, not looking for price alternatives at the time of purchasing the original cartridges, it will come back uphillthe constant use of it, due to the high cost of its accessories.

For example, Just because a printer is HP doesn’t mean its cartridges or toner will be unmatched.Again, that only applies if you don’t do the proper research. Although it may seem incredible, finding all kinds of Hp consumables, Hp toner, including Hp cartridges at a good price is an easy task if you know where to go.

One of the leading stores in the market is NTT toner, which offers the best brands at very affordable prices with a wide variety of products and models, depending on the type you are looking for. you can get HP cartridges ranging from 17 euros to more than 70 euros.

Types of disposable consumables

In the market There are three types of toner or cartridges for printers:

  • The original,which is created by the manufacturer brand of the printer. This product is the most recommended because it does not present a risk of use.
  • The compatible or generic,that are created by various companies and can work on any printer, but in the long run they cause problems in the printing system, damaging the rollers of the equipment. Also a drawback is that the quality of the ink is not very reliable.
  • Refillable cartridges or toner,which in most cases are the same cartridges already empty of the printer, which are taken to places that are dedicated to filling them. The negative in this case is that the ink with which the equipment is recharged is not of the same quality as that of the original manufacturer, which has negative consequences when printing.

How to save ink?

Even if you get a place to buy toner or cartridge at a good price, it will never hurt put into practice certain tricks that will allow you to saveink as much as possible, lengthening its duration.

Printer always clean

The proper distribution of the ink on the paper will depend among other things on the good condition the printer is in, especially its rollers. That is why it is always good to clean the equipment before inserting the cartridges to verify that everything is in order and also a month after inserting them, especially if it has been printed frequently.

Define print settings

The printer can be configured so that ink consumption, speed and quality are optimizedbased on savings. For example, for small jobs, you can adjust the print to grayscale.

Also the margins of the document can be modified depending on the largest number of information on a single page.

simple styles

The style of the typeface also influences ink consumption.The more elaborate it is, the greater the injection that must be made. A good alternative is to use simple letters and in moderate sizes.

triple check

One of the main causes of unnecessary waste of ink is the lack of verification of the document to be printed.Before finishing the task, it is good to check the project as many times as possible to detect errors and not have to reprint.

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