Around the world in a blog: Africa from end to end

We have chosen the blog Africa from end to end because there are not many travelers who dare to make a journey that usually has a bad press –civil conflicts, social instability, extreme poverty-. Those of us who frequent travelers know that prejudices should not be carried away and that, in most cases, there is always a good predisposition with foreigners and there is never a lack of someone to lend a hand if they need help.

For this reason, and for globetrotters who are thinking of including countries from this wonderful and lagging continent in their roadmap, the blog of Itziar Martínez-Pantoja Marcotegui and Pablo Strubell is a fundamental tool.

The travel log tells the adventure of Itziar and Pablo, who undertook a trip on April 10, 2010, leaving jobs, families, home and friends to go to explore Africa.

They left with more time to dream about the trip than to prepare it, although Pablo already had traveling experience because in 2005 he had done the Silk Road. Since then he has been captivated by traveling, and related his work to tourism but from his facet as an economist. He also wrote the book I Hate You Marco Polo! and exhibited his photographs on various occasions.

Itziar had been looking forward to the moment to take a breath from her position as project manager in a consulting firm and to be able to travel without a return date. Thus they set out to walk Africa from end to end, from south to north up the Atlantic coast. They admit that it was not an easy task.

The blog is a lot of narration, and very rich, divided into the countries where they were, and this information is very valuable for all those who want to dare to know Africa –whether in person or just by story-. They also have their gallery of Photos and of videos which are really fun. The route it is well detailed and very useful to be imitated.

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