Around the world in a blog: See you soon Catalina

There are things that are common to every personal travel blog. Girl (or boy) who was in a situation where he “didn’t feel comfortable”, often locked in an office, or studying something that might not be his calling (or maybe it’s not the time to focus on it) . And so comes the revelation to start a journey. In most of the blogs we review, the traveler in question does his first kilometers…and then, there is no turning back. A drastic life change. An exchange of sedentary life for a “stay on the road”, and so much to tell, in texts, in photos, experiences, thousands of paragraphs of information that are multiplied in a blog.

So many cases in our section could be summed up this way. But instead, once we enter a particular blog, everything begins to be special, a unique look, a way of seeing the world that cannot be compared. And so, we get to know a thousand different worlds, even when talking about the same city.

In all this introduction I went straight to the blog See you soon Catherine. Guadalupe Araoz is an Argentine who tries to discover what we all would like to know when writing the “who I am” page of our blog. According to her account, she knows that discovering who we are is a constant quest, but she is clear that she will not do it from an office, but rather by traveling throughout much of the world.

There are traveling experiences in America, some in Europe, but the strong and current point of the itinerary is in Asia. There are promises of travel for an indefinite time, an optimistic look, projects to unfold in that great patio that is the world. And of each new destination, information that I would say is very detailed and organized. For example, if it is about getting to know the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, I think I had not found a more complete and first-hand guide like this one. And every destination is like that. There is also room for reflections:

“Being constantly changing, we discover new nuances every day. This is what makes the world interesting and fun. Which means that, no matter how immortal we are, we never have enough time to cover all areas of knowledge. It also covers us. The change.”

And also, above all, there is a nice reason to understand the name of the blog. Traveling has to put all the time in the balance, what is left in our nest, and what is risked for what is to come. That’s what life and the blog is about.

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