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“Since I was a girl I decreed: “When I grow up I want to be a traveler”. Many laughed at my supposed naivety, many (very many) told me, almost offended, that this was not a “real” job, many dismissed my dreams as merely an unattainable ideal. Do you want to be a traveler? And what are you going to live on? Traveling costs a lot of money, stop dreaming and get to work.

This is the story of the Argentine traveler named Aniko Villalba (Porteña, 26 years old) of the passion she always felt for traveling the world and that she knew how to be stronger than the prejudices that wanted to corset her to lead a life within the parameters of the supposed “normality”.

your blog traveling around It is a very complete blog where you can review her travels that began in 2008 and took her through Latin America, Guatemala, and Asia. Wandering around her globe made others add to her initial dream, which Aniko qualifies as “much more idealistic, much more challenging: first, that of show those who read me that the world is a much friendlier, hospitable and smaller place than we think. That a person, being of a certain nationality, is neither “bad” nor “good”. That a group of people, because they belong to an ethnic group or religion, is not “this” or “the other”. That all human beings are, deep down, equal, beyond our race, nationality, sex, religion.

But above all, Aniko wants to be an example that “you can live traveling, that traveling is not a luxury reserved for those who have plenty of money, that traveling is not just sightseeing or being on vacation. I think it all comes down to a choice: what do we want to spend our income and time on; and in my case, both are meant to travel.”

Her blog is very complete, and since she is a social communicator and a great fan of photography (look at her Photographs section, which is priceless), it was not for less that she was. Navigating it is entertaining and we do not want to take away from you the surprise of discovering it for yourself.

We recommend the sections: I want to travel but I don’t know how for all those who don’t dare to take the first step and the section with recommendations for couchsurfing. The myths and truths of traveling as a backpacker (for example “he only wears a pair of socks”, “backpacking really travels”, “they bathe only once a week”, “he carries his 50 kilo backpack all day”, etc. ) are required reading.

In addition, Anika teaches how to buy a “good, nice and cheap” plane ticket or what luggage to travel with: suitcase, cart or backpack? or how to solve the 5 kilos dilemma.

The traveler is in charge of breaking down Asia from A to Z, for example, v for sidewalks, m for the market, l for rain. A way of approaching the uses and customs of this continent. Or you can find out more about a destination in the places section in 10 words. For example, Hong Kong is cool, shopping, image, buildings, lost, octopus, china phone, west, east, mix.

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travel around It has a lot of good information, to learn from a young woman who was already encouraged to give her the Around the World and write so that you too can be encouraged.

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