Barcelona through its modernist architecture

Barcelona expresses its art through the Sagrada Familia and places like Park Güell. The Ciudad Condal achieved its own style thanks to modernism. Thanks to artists like Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona can boast of having nearly a hundred places of modernist architecture. Why is this style so famous and where to find it? We show it to you!

Modernism, personal hallmark of Barcelona

Barcelona is considered the capital of modernism, And no wonder. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th it was the cradle of the so-called Catalan modernism, an architectural, plastic, design and decoration style.

The first to lay the foundations from the European movement was Antoni Gaudí. He was immediately followed by other architects such as Rogent, Domènech, Puig or Jujol.

Modernist architecture sought to break with the classics and create an urban and bourgeois style. Thus, the bases of the designs went from being only scientific to also being aesthetic.

The source of inspiration was the idea of ​​nature. All the elements that surround us were going to be integrated through forms in the architecture of the buildings. And as a result, those famous buildings with birds, flowers, leaves and lots of color.

The key to the success of modernist architecture in Barcelona was the bourgeois class. With the Industrial Revolution, this new social class had emerged, seeking to express its passion for culture and its power, influence and distinction in the city.

To do this, they commissioned architects of the time to build and refurbish buildings to adapt them to this new style. Thus began the expansion of modernist architecture in the city. Today there are 116 buildings preserved in Barcelona.

The best examples of modernist architecture in Barcelona

Once we have known the origin of modernist architecture in Barcelona, It’s time to find out which are the most symbolic buildings in the city. Are you ready? Take note!

1. The Holy Family

World famous and incredibly beautiful. This is the main icon of the city and the greatest work of Antoni Gaudí. It is still unfinished and there are still a few years leftit is estimated that until 2030. It will be then when it shows the 18 towers that the Catalan architect designed.

Its peculiar exterior style blends perfectly with the interior, with sculptures and stained glass windows depicting passages from the Bible. It is not surprising that it is the main monument of modernism, right?

2. Casa Mila

Here begin the examples of modernist architecture that were commissioned by bourgeois families. This house is in the walk of grace and it is one of the most famous in Barcelona.

This is one of the ten most visited buildings in Barcelona, which is said soon, but it does not surprise anyone either. It is another of Gaudí’s works and you can visit it inside. What are you waiting for?

3. Casa Batllo

Also located on Paseo de Gracia, Casa Batlló It was commissioned by the Batlló family to Gaudí. In this case, the architect was in charge of remodeling the façade of the building to give it his own personal, modernist and distinguished stamp.

If we compare it with the previous one, what stands out most about this house is the vividness of its colors in the mosaicsas well as its famous balconies.

4. Park Guell

Impossible not to mention it. Initially it was planned as an urbanization, but in the end it ended up becoming a park. Gaudí’s works were surrounded by nature to result in an absolutely fascinating space.

If you come here, do not miss the salamander that you have right at the entrance (with a lot of history, by the way). Of course, you must go up to the viewpointwhere you can see its benches with mosaics, another clear stamp of the artist.

5. Palace of Music

We leave Gaudí aside to show you another of the works of modernist architecture. This building is the work of Lluís Domènech. This architect also has other constructions, such as the Sant Pau Modernist Enclosure or the Casa Fuster.

What is most striking is the level of detail in every corner. From the interior skylight, the tiled vaults and the stained glass windows. Everything turns this building into a festival of lights and colors that perfectly matches the function of the building.

6. Comalat House

Finally, the Comalat house, a project by Salvador Valeri, an author highly influenced by Gaudí, but with a very marked style. The building has two facades of different style: one in ceramic with more vivid colors and the other more symmetrical, with ornate shapes.

Also it has decorative mosaics and a hat-shaped tower. The greatest beauty is inside, with the decorated and ornate walls and columns. It is located on Diagonal Avenue.

What do you think of this selection of modernist architecture buildings? It is impossible to mention all a hundred examples, but you also have the Amatller house, the Lleó house, the Sayrach house, the Granel house or the castle of the Three Dragons. What are you waiting for to start your route through Catalan modernism? We hope you enjoy it!

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