Beautiful towns in Almería to make a getaway

Almería is a good province to enjoy a getaway knowing some of the most beautiful towns on vacation and getting to know its good gastronomy.

There are many fascinating places to enjoy a quiet getaway, to do rural tourism and relax during the holidays. Within Andalusia we can highlight the Almeria province as one of the interesting places that many tourists can count on when making a trip, as they invite us to do from Andalusia.

One of the charming towns to consider is Mojacar. It is the quintessential Andalusian town as it has white houses, different buildings that can be visited such as the Church of Santa María, the square to enjoy the atmosphere on vacation and a series of really interesting gastronomic proposals.

Velez-Blanco It is another of those interesting towns within Almería, a quiet place where we can see different architectural elements such as its castle, which dates from the 16th century, as well as the famous Convent of San Luis. It is also a very interesting place that has the Cueva de los Letreros, where there are cave paintings, which is the highlight of this area.

nijar It is a town of some renown and is often visited by many tourists. Here the old town is one of the important areas along with its Market Square. In addition, it is interesting to keep in mind different old buildings such as the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, which is worth knowing so that the trip through this area of ​​Almería is complete.

Another option is to visit the town of Berja, an excellent place thanks to the fact that it is close to the coast and the Sierra de Gador, which is spectacular. It is a famous site thanks to its multiple springs and you can see different architectural elements from Roman times such as the remains of the amphitheatre, aqueduct, without forgetting other elements such as the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Gádor, which is worth keeping in mind.

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