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More than 16 million inhabitants the incredible Chinese capital Pekin (Beijing) is one of the great wonders that the Asian giant offers us.

It is modern but at the same time, traditional city, it will never be the same after the Olympic Games which hosted in the year 2006.

Location Beijing

In beijing we can find the purest essence of what is Chinamixing, with some futuristic elements and top-notch technology.

A enviable transport networkconnects all the points of this dynamic capital , to communicate all the districts in a way fast and cheap.

with a clear trend towards ecologyin recent years , the levels of pollution formerly exaggeratedly high They have been going down progressively and it is expected that in a few years they will reach normal levels for a city.

A big number of green areas and parks magnificent, they act as small lungs of the city where we can see lakes and exercise areas

Elders Playing Checkers in a Hutong

Elders Playing Checkers in a Hutong

The “westernization” Beijing is not as exaggerated as in other parts of the country such as Shanghai, but little by little it is adapting to the strong tourism it receives, with more people with Mastery of English and better predisposition to serve travelers.

The citizen of Beijing, as in the rest of China, not so open as in other Asian countries and it is not easy to reach strike up conversations or even that someone stops in case you want to ask something.

The magic of beijing we find it in its most traditional neighborhoods where the alleys (hutongs) cross these districts as if it were a labyrinth, letting us see, some cool prints which remind us that we are in China.

Inside the Forbidden City

Inside the Forbidden City

starting point of the majority of travelers, who choose this city along with Shanghai to start its routes around the country, Pekin provides us with a spectacular fusion of tradition and avant-garde which undoubtedly falls in love with everyone who comes to visit it.

The places of interest that Beijing offers us, they are numerous and among them we find some that must be visited, at least on one occasion in life.

Buddha inside the Lama Temple

Buddha inside the Lama Temple

what to see

  • The prohibited city
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing Hutongs
  • drum tower
  • bell tower
  • Olympic Zone
  • Lama Temple
  • summer Palace
  • confucius temple
  • Silk Market
  • Market of the “bugs”
  • beihai park
  • Heaven Temple
  • Mausoleum of Mao
  • Qianmen neighborhood

Among others

great wall of china

Some of the best stretches of the great wall of china is a short distance from Pekin , so it is usually the start of most excursions through this wonder of the world.

Getting to it is simple, either by yourself or through one of the many excursions offered throughout the city.

Visiting it is essential.

How to move

Enjoy Beijing, it can be more simple and fast than it may seem at first.

The vehicle trafficit is minor than in other cities and almost all human traffic is carried out in meter.

The beijing subway line is one of the best on the planet and connects all major points of interest and most neighborhoods.

North Train Station

north train station

The motor vehicles conventional, they are substituting to forced marches by electric vehicles, less noisy and with better results environmental.

The bus network of the city is extensive, although if you don’t know Chinese, you can be complicated move.

the bike is still present in the capital and there are many Pekingese who use it on a daily basis.

Move walking around the city is quite complicated given, the huge distances from Beijing.


China and also Beijing, causes a nice surprise in travelers, with respect to its gastronomy.

In the most cities in Europewe found Chinese restaurants, which they have little to do with reality, since the enormous variety of dishes that they have in China, beyond imagination of any tourist.

street stalls

street stalls

traditional, plus modernfusion of sweet and salty and a wonderful street food tradition , fall in love to all tourists visiting the country.

Unfortunately, in a few years this great variety will be lost, given the huge increase of chains of fast food that proliferate through the city and that they have dazzled strongly to the inhabitants of Beijing and the country in general.


Beijing, is a very safe city for tourists and there are usually few problems.

Special Caution in the most tourist areas since as in all these types of places, it is a hive of pickpockets.

In the area of Forbidden City they tend to swindle tourists by posing as students and offering a tea tasting which seems harmless , but in the end ,it is very expensive.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing in Beijing is to cross some avenues, since in China the custom of cars stopping at pedestrian crossings is not very ingrained.


The Beijing hotel chain It is very good and since the Olympic Games it is more prepared to welcome tourists from all over the planet.

It is convenient to reserve since the places best valued by travelers are usually full.

The prices are somewhat more expensive than in other Asian countriesbut if you book with a couple of days of margin, there are some bargains.

City map

Beijing tourist map

Beijing tourist map

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