Bell Tower and Drum Tower (Beijing) China

Bell Tower and Drum Tower of Beijing

Located north of the Forbidden Cityin the heart of Beijingthe Bell Tower and Drum Towerare part of the unavoidable visit points that the capital of China offers us.

situated facing each otherare two of the most characteristic images of beijing and one of the busiest areas by travelers who tour the city and a mandatory point to see in Beijing in 2 days.

With a lot of history behind iteach of these two towers, houses inside its upper structure, the named objects.

Its situation, in one of the points with more hutongs of the city is a privilege, since from either of the two, we can enjoy some panoramic views of these alleys and the roofs of the houses, unique.

In ancient times, they dominated the heights of the city and are still consolidated as a place What to visit in Beijing

Built in 1272this beautiful tower, marked the center of the ancient mongolian capital and it was one of its main axes.

drum tower

At the top, we find about twenty drumsfrom different periods and states of conservation, although most of them belong to Ming dynasty periods.

They were used for mark the hours of the day although at present , nothing remains of it but originally , it was built with musical intentions.

Even so, there are several moments of the day, in which still we can listen its magical sound, usually by the morning and noon.

The Peking Drum Tower is still one of those emblems to see in the country during a route through China for free.

Ming dynasty drums

Ming dynasty drums

The views from the Drum Towerare spectacular, both of the hutongs that flank her, like her neighbor Bell Tower.

Image of the hutongs from the top of the tower

Image of the hutongs from the top of the tower

  • Bell Tower (Zhonglou)

A few meters from the drum tower, This tower houses in its upper part a huge bellwhich gives the building its name.

bell tower

bell tower

Originally from the ming periodthe bell is the largest that we can find in the whole city with 7.02 meters tall and weighing more than 60 tons.

Constructed of copperif used, its strident , sound , can be heard for a long distance in all directions. The Peking Bell Tower is another must-see what to see in beijing

bell made of copper

bell made of copper

East Bell toweris next to the Drum Tower, one of the most emblematic of the capital.

The views from its highest part amazing although to access the «top» we will have to climb a good number of steep stairs.

Price and Hours

The schedule to visit the towers is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The price of each of them is 30 Yuanbut we can buy a multiple entry to visit the two together it costs 40 Yuan.

How to get to the bell tower and drum tower

The fastest way is to do it in Meter getting off at the station Guloudiajie of line 2 (blue).

From the station, we must walk about 10 minutes through an area full of good restaurants and beautiful hutongs.

It is possible to arrive in buses 58 and 107but due to the language issue, it may be complicated.

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