Benicàssim hosts the fifth edition of the San San Festival

Holy Week marks the start of the season for many festivals and the San San Festival is the first to occupy the Benicàssim Festival Site

Benicàssim is a small town in the province of Castellón, but for more than 20 years it has become a benchmark for summer festivals. If the FIB initiated the presence of the great festivals in this coastal town, since last year it has been the Saint Saint Festival the one that has ended up in the Festivals Enclosure that it shares with that one, the Rototom Sunsplash Festival and the BEF, an electronic music festival that closes the summer calendar of Benicàssim. And all this parade of festivals begins at Easter with the fifth edition of the San San Festival, the second to be held there.

The days will be celebrated March 29, 30 and 31coinciding with Holy Week and for several days, has presented its final poster, with the groups that will be part of it. Among them are names like Ojete Calor, The Zombie Kids, DJ Plan B, Angel Carmona DJ, Las Chillers DJSet, Bitches DJs, Lori Meyers, La MODA, Sexy Zebras, Mistakes, Celtas Cortos and a long etcetera that will put music to the whole weekend in an environment that tens of thousands of people already know, thanks to the numerous musical quotes that have been carried out in Benicàssim.

The subscription prices start from a general rate of 45 euro plus the usual management expenses, although the first months of the year have been sold at a significantly lower price. The VIP passes are priced at 80 euro and children from 0 to 11 years old can access by 10 euroswhile the older ones, up to 15 years old, can do it for 30 euros. In addition, from the organization they have enabled buses leaving from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Of course, there is a camping area and you can enjoy it during the days of the festival.

In Benicàssim, a shuttle service that goes from the town to the festival area, so that they can easily get there and return when they prefer. Benicàssim will thus begin its festival season and most of the tourist establishments will open to attract the public to the town. Of course, the water park aquaramawhich is right in front of the festival venue, It will be closed until July.

In any case, between concerts and concerts, Benicàssim offers plenty of alternatives to enjoy a moment of relaxation, walking along the Vía Verde that connects this town with neighboring Oropesa del Mar or lying on its beaches, which in March can have a little water. fresh, but the sun is always present to enjoy it and be able to arrive at summer with some color.

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