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Find out which are the best restaurants in Italy according to Opinionated about Dating, a website specialized in gastronomy.

Not long ago we presented you with the five best restaurants in Spain according to the specialized website Opinionated about Dating. Now, we return to that list to know what are the best restaurants in Italya country that we already know that you also fall in love with for its gastronomy.

Antica Corte Pallavicina, in Polesine Parmense

According to this web publication, the best restaurant in Italy is in a town called Polesine Parmesan, on the banks of the Po river on the border between the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. The restaurant, under the command of the chef Massimo Spigaroli and which has a Michelin star, is located in a 14th century fortified castlea historic site where you can also spend the night.

Roscioli, in Rome

very close to field of fiorione of the squares in Rome that you cannot miss, is the restaurant roscioli, an important recommendation to eat when visiting the Eternal City. This business started as a salumeriathat is, a store that sold sausages mainly, and today it maintains its original essence, being able to consume or acquire to take away Gourmet productsas well as enjoying some of the best dishes of Roman cuisine at the table.

Arming the Pantheon, in Rome

Claudio Gargioli He is the chef at the controls of Da Armando al Pantheon, one of the most recommended trattorias in Rome, since it appears on practically all lists of this type. Opened in the sixties, Gargioli bets on the traditional italian cuisine in a family restaurant, although there is also room for experimentation on its menu. The place is very close to the famous Agrippa’s Pantheonhence the name.

Trattoria Sostanza, in Florence

On Via del Porcellana, between Piazza Ognissanti and Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, is this restaurant called Trattoria Sostanza, chosen by this publication as one of the best in the city of Florence. With a wide history behind it, this trattoria maintains a traditional style and this is how it has conquered the customers who they fill their tables almost dailyso if there is no reservation in between it is not easy to enjoy its culinary specialties.

Antica Corona Reale da Renzo, in Cervere

Cervere is an Italian town that is about 50 kilometers south of Turin and where the Antica Corona Reale da Renzo restaurant is located. Gian Piero Vivalda He is currently the chef of this restaurant that is committed to traditional Piedmont cuisinemaking use of the regional products. For one hundred euros, prior reservation, you can enjoy the tasting menu of this restaurant that has two Michelin stars.

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Photo | Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais official website

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