Braganza, a destination in Portugal on the rise

Braganza is a beautiful municipality in Portugal that offers us a wide variety of cultural and leisure options to discover on vacation.

exist many interesting municipalities in Portugal to enjoy on vacation. One of those that is on the rise is Braganza, a small but very beautiful place that can attract the attention of many tourists to enjoy its charms, when traveling through the north of the country. From the Municipal Chamber of Braganza everything possible is being done to be able to attract new tourists soon.

One of the efforts is to launch the Visit Bragança website, which will try to bring to everyone the charms that this beautiful municipality offers and that many couples and families are interested in discovering. The rich heritage it offers, corners nature, culture and gastronomic proposals These are some of the options to take into account.

In this sense, braganza It is an excellent place to enjoy with its history. Around us we can see the walls that indicate the old citadel. You can also see its beautiful castle, a fortress that dates from the 13th century and that without a doubt is one of the wonders to see in this Portuguese municipality. Highlight the famous Torre del Homenaje, which is one of the elements of the castle along with the princess tower.

Another of the buildings with history is the Municipal House, dating from the fifteenth century. It has elements of non-religious Romanesque art and is one of the few exceptions that we have in the Iberian Peninsula. Initially, the main function was collect rainwaterhence its curious tank shape.

We can also see a series of extremely important museums, such as the Museum of Archeology and Fine Arts, called Museu Abade de Baçal. It is currently one of the most visited and interesting in this area. Also recommended is Center of Photography Georges Dussaudfor photography lovers, with a black and white collection.

You can find the location of Braganza by following this link.

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