Budapest at Christmas: an unforgettable holiday

Spending Christmas in Budapest is not a very original idea. We know! There are thousands of tourists who come to the Hungarian capital at this time. So it’s not an original trip, but it’s the most entertaining because Budapest at Christmas shines in a special way thanks to the decorations, the traditions, lighting or markets. Find out for yourself!

Budapest at Christmas

It is well known by all that in the countries of Central Europe, perhaps because of the intense cold or because they have always lived the Advent season with emotion, Christmas is experienced in a special way. Christmas markets are traditional in many placesas well as Christmas carol recitals or desserts and liquors typical of the time.

Well, there is all that in Budapest during the month of December. So, to the many charms that the Hungarian capital has throughout the year, the magic of Christmas is added. Thus, If you are one of those people who live these holidays with enthusiasm, Budapest is an ideal destination for you.

Budapest Christmas markets

A distinctive element of the time are the Christmas markets. In Budapest there are several scattered around the city, but we are going to recommend two strongly: the one that unfolds around St. Stephen’s Basilica and the one in Vorosmarty Square. In fact, this second one is the most charming of all.

What to buy there? You will be able to acquire endless decorative elements of the Hungarian craft tradition. It will be difficult for you to choose. Y It will also be difficult for you to choose a single sweet. The repertoire of Christmas cakes and sweets is spectacular, a delight for those with a sweet tooth.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

In addition to the Christmas market that we have mentioned, a visit to the Basilica of San Esteban at this time is a must. The most believers should go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and the rest to marvel at a historic building that completely transforms with Show audiovisual that year after year is projected here throughout the afternoon and early evening.

Decorated trams to contemplate Budapest at Christmas

Getting on the old tram lines in Europe is always a recommended experience, but doing it in Budapest at Christmas is a must. And it is that the Fenyvillamos line decorates its trains with countless lightsand on them the heart of the city and the banks of its wonderful Danube River are crossed.

A bath under the snow

If you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in Budapest and one day the snow falls, then the feeling is complete. And it will be even more so if we go to the Széchenyi or Gellert baths and enter their spa facilities. It may seem crazy but taking a dip in the outdoor pools watching the snow fall is unforgettable.

go to the ballet

The musical tradition in Hungary is almost a religion. As in nearby Vienna, there are also musical events that are essential on these dates. One of the featured events is classical ballet performance The Nutcracker at the Erkel Theater. Spectacular always!

Go to the circus

Likewise, in the Hungarian capital it is very common to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to go to the circus one day. But not just any circus, but the Great Budapest Circus, which every year it programs a special show for the season.

Ice skating

We have all heard or seen in the movies the small ice rink that is created in New York in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Well, in Budapest, at the City Park Ice Rink, just in front of Vajdahunyad Castle, a much larger track is created. And it has been done since 1870. A track that is actually a lake that freezes when the thermometer drops.

The elegance of Budapest at Christmas

However, Yes you are more than shoppingyou must go to the city center and its famous Andrassy Avenue. It is a must-see destination in Budapest all year round, but more so in December to enjoy its lighting and decoration. It is all a waste of imagination, light and magic, that is, what we identify with the most commercial aspect of Christmas, in Budapest and all over the planet.

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