Caleruega, one of the most beautiful villages in Burgos

Caleruega is a beautiful town in the province of Burgos, in Castile and León. It is a medieval town located within the Ribera del Duero region and whose importance lies in the fact that it is the birthplace of the founder of the Dominican Order, Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Will you join us to meet her?

Pieces of the history of Caleruega

It seems that the origins of this Burgos town go back to the 10th century. It must have been an important place for the Reconquest due to its walled space. A century later, King Alfonso VI el Bravo would create the Lordship of Caleruega and it would be granted to Don Munio Díaz de Caleruela.

This lordship would be transmitted from father to son until reaching the V Lord of Caleruega, Don Antonio de Guzmán, who died without descendants. It is then when the title of the town passes to the royal monastery. Tradition says that the Cid Campeador was therethanks to which the Muslims in the area were defeated.

What to see in Caleruega

The history of this town, as well as that of its monuments, is linked to the figure of Santo Domingo de Guzmánwhich was born in this town in the year 1170. For this reason, the main group of historical buildings that you can visit in Caleruega is the monumental group related to his figure.

1. Torreón de los Guzmanes and Royal Monastery of Santo Domingo de Guzmán

The tower is an imposing 17-meter-high construction with a robust appearance that dates back to the 10th century and that belonged to the family of Santo Domingo. From it you can contemplate beautiful views of the town and surroundings.

Regarding the monastery, it is a 13th century building. In it you can admire a beautiful late Romanesque style cloister. Here is the tomb of the infanta Leonor, daughter of Alfonso X el Sabio.

2. The church of San Sebastian

Another of Caleruega’s monuments linked to Santo Domingo is this church. Dated in the twelfth century, the style in which it was built is Romanesque. Mainly the presbytery and the bell tower are preserved, the rest have undergone modifications. Inside, there is a Christ on the Cross, the carving of Saint Sebastian and the Virgin of Candelaria.


This temple, built aPrior to the birth of Santo Domingo, he is linked to him because it was here that he was baptized, although the font in which this Christian rite was carried out was moved to the Santo Domingo el Real monastery in Madrid. And it is in it that the children are baptized. members of the Royal Family.

3. The church of Santo Domingo de Caleruega

The birthplace of this saint is also not important, and a small chapel was built there, which was later expanded until it reached the current temple. It is a Renaissance church with a Latin cross inside which you will find three beautiful altarpieces dedicated to the life of the saint.

4. The Dominican convent

It is a convent built in the 20th century and in which the cellar of Blessed Juana is located. Tradition says that she was a pious woman who, while her husband was in the war, emptied the vats of wine that she had to give them to the poor of the locality. When her husband arrived, she prayed and they refilled.

5. Other places of interest in Caleruega

In Caleruega and its surroundings you can see remains from Roman times, as a section of Roman road that went to the city of Clunia. It is also worth visiting its traditional wineries, some of which are located in the San Jorge rock, in caves where it is said that the Muslims who attacked the town at the time of El Cid used to take refuge.

As you may have seen, in Caleruega there is always a perfect plan. Plus, It is part of the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is a place where you can enjoy peace and good wine and where you can walk through buildings full of history and legend.

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