Caleta de Famara and its beautiful sunsets

La Caleta de Famara is an absolutely essential visit for any traveler who spends a few days on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. Are you interested in knowing why? Do not miss everything that we tell you below!

This place has everything to amaze us: a town where time has stopped, restaurants with fabulous fresh fish, good waves for surfing, a magnificent beach and great views of Chinijo, the neighboring archipelago. Who can resist so many attractions?

Chinijo Natural Park

Without a doubt, within the Canary Islands the best known islands are the seven largest, but in reality there are more, especially to the north of Lanzarote. There is the Chinijo archipelago, made up of several islands, among which La Graciosa and Alegranza stand out..

All this maritime and terrestrial complex has been declared a natural park, and is called Chinijo Natural Park. Its protection area reaches Caleta Famara, which is integrated into the protected space.

The municipality of Teguise

If, due to its natural values, Caleta de Famara forms part of the natural park, from an administrative point of view, it is integrated into the municipality of Teguise. This is a territory in the northernmost part of the island, and of course you have to visit to appreciate and marvel at the magic that is hidden in almost every corner of Lanzarote.

This region is known worldwide for its volcanoes, but it has other extraordinary landscapes and places to offer. For example, this is the case of Caleta de Famara.

Caleta de Famara

This small town is a surprise from the first moment. To begin with, because you will be surprised that almost all its streets are still made of sand.

Asphalt is scarce, and without a doubt what some consider a backwardness, in reality it is a sign of a different life, since it gives us an idea of ​​the paradisiacal and calm character of this place, where the important thing is to enjoy the views, the weather or the beach.

These pleasurable sensations are then prolonged in the places where meals are offered to visitors. The establishments on this site have the best gastronomy of the Canary Islands, that is, Here there are many dishes made with products from the sea. We can taste exquisite and superfresh fish and shellfish.

Famara beach

Another reason to visit Caleta de Famara is to enjoy its beach, an idyllic place. Obviously, it is a place that you can go to as a family, if you are traveling with children, so that the youngest members of the household have a very different idea from the more crowded beaches.

Also, possibly Caleta de Famara and its beach is an ideal visit for couples in love. Even more so if they sit here to enjoy the sunset. More romantic, impossible!

To ride the waves

Not everything is contemplation on this beach. A very common activity in Caleta de Famara is take a walk to the vicinity of the Risco de Famara to have a vision of the most beautiful of this north coast of Lanzarote.

Nevertheless, If yours more than hiking are water sports, you should also point Caleta de Famara among your next destinations. Even more so if you are passionate about surfboards and sails of kitesurfing. The wind and wave conditions make this place in Lanzarote fantastic for both water sports.

Discover the north of Lanzarote

We hope that it is clear that Lanzarote is more than just its famous Timanfaya Mountains of Fire. There is much to enjoy on this island, from the legacy of the artist César Manrique, spread throughout the island territory, to places as captivating as Caleta de Famara.

It is a simply unforgettable landscape for anyone who discovers it, and especially if you enjoy its beautiful sunsets over the sea there. An indelible memory of this trip!

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