Calico, the ghost town of the old west.

Calico, the ghost town that takes us to the old west.

There would be no route west coast of the united states complete if you don’t visit any of the old Wild West icons. Calico ghost town situated in California in full Mojave desert. It is one of those places that you have seen in cowboy movies and that when you visit it will make you travel to those past and historical moments.

Calico was founded in 1881 to house the miners who exploited the nearby silver mines. If silver, not everything in the wild west was a gold rush.

calico ghost town

Nowadays is a state park whose full name is “Calico Ghost Town”, although what we can see written from the road in the mountain behind it is in large letters: CALICO.

– History of Calico ghost town.

In 1881 four adventurers arrived at what would now be Barstow Station looking for a mine to earn a living. They walked until they reached the highest peak of the mountains in the area, naming it “Calico’s Peak”. In the mountain they discovered silver and began to exploit what would be called the mine “the king of silver”, the largest mining operation of this material from throughout California during the mid-1880s.

Between the “golden” years of Calico mining (1883 and 1885), its population reached 1,200 inhabitants and there were more than 500 mines in operation.

calico ghost town

In 1890 its 3,500 inhabitants were from all over the world: England, China, Ireland, Greece, France and Holland, as well as Americans themselves.

calico ghost town

In 1896, the value of silver fell to $0.57 per ounce, which made the extraction of the material not economically profitable.

calico ghost town
calico ghost town

In 1907 the city is completely abandonedand would become a ghost town.

calico ghost town

Walter knotta former miner I buy Calico in 1951. Using old photographs as reference, restored the vast majority of the buildings to be as in the 1880s, leaving only 5 of them with the original architecture.

calico ghost town

In 1966 Walter Mrs the city to the county of Saint Bernardinethereby causing Calico to be named regional state park.

calico ghost town

Calico was awarded the brand # 782, and in 2005 as governor “Terminator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was declared Ghost Town of the Silver Rush.

calico ghost town

To end the story, in 2012 Calico became the first ghost town in the United States to be reopened for residential purposes. And it is that 6 luxury houses were built whose value amounts to $ 4.5 million dollars each. surprised

– Calico today.

As we have told before, the vast majority of the buildings have been restored. But five of them
keep the original structure. These would be: Lucy Lane’s house; the lil lounge; the office of village; the Gallery of Smitty; the main store and the joe lounge. There is a replica of the school in the same place where the original was. The houses of the Chinese population today are just ruins.

calico ghost town

The view of the place is very entertaining since you can do and see almost everything. can be visit a part of the minesare made recreations of shootings Y stunts a horseyou can also experience the gold rush first-hand by looking for it yourself and taking it as a souvenir, mount in the old trainor enjoy the restaurants Y lounges of Old West.

calico ghost town

The recreations of popular spaces where you can take pictures are numerous, and the visit is really very entertaining.

Calico ghost town is a very interesting stop on your trip along the American West Coast, where in addition to enjoying natural spaces, you can see something different from what we have in Spain, it is a trip to one of the most iconic periods in short history from United States.

– Useful information to visit “Calico ghost town”:

Schedule: Open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Price of admission: $8 Adults. $5 children from 6 to 15 years old. Children under 5 years, free.
If there is a special event or festival, the ticket price increases by $10-20 for adults, and by $5-10 for children ages 6-15.
How to get to Calico: Halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Calico is very close to the city of Barstow (just 3 miles).
When to visit Calico: If we take into account that it is in the middle of the Mojave desert, the best seasons would be spring and autumn. But if, like many mortals, your vacations are during the summer months, it is best to do it at 9:00 in the morning when the ticket offices open. The sun is criminal and the temperatures according to the desert and the time of year. Bring plenty of water, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen.
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