Camino de Santiago: these are the most beautiful stages

The Camino de Santiago is one of the busiest routes in the world. Although it has different points of origin and paths that pass through different regions and autonomous communities, they all end in Santiago de Compostela and, more specifically, in its cathedral. In it are the remains of the Apostle Santiago.

There is a great variety of routes on the Camino de Santiago that any pilgrim can choose and each of them includes a multitude of stages. You can do the Camino de Santiago on foot, by bicycle, in company or alone, and even with your dog. But if what you are looking for are the most beautiful stages of the different routes, We show you a good summary below.

The best stages to do on the Camino de Santiago

1. French way

The French way is the most popular route of all and along its route you will be able to enjoy forests and mountains that create landscapes out of a book. But its most beautiful stages are the crossing of the Pyrenees from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles and also the crossing from Somport to Jaca. Another very beautiful stage is the one that takes place between Astorga and Molinaseca, in the middle of the León mountains. Without forgetting the climb to O Cebreiro, where all that surrounds you are incredible mountains.

In the Navarra area, the stage that goes from Puente la Reina to Estella is very interesting, and when passing through the province of Palencia and Burgos, the best is the one that goes from Carrión de los Condes to Terradillos. A great variety of stages that justify that this path is the most popular of all.

2. Via de la Plata

The Vía de la Plata route is so long that it is impossible to keep only a few beautiful stages. In its beginnings, the best is the one that goes from Castilblanco de los Arroyos to Almadén de la Plata thanks to its environment of Mediterranean forest and mountains. No less interesting is the passage through Extremadura, especially the stage that goes from Carcaboso to Aldeanueva del Camino.

Further north, in the province of Zamora, a very beautiful stage is the one that goes from Santa Marta de Tera to Mombuey, with a beautiful agricultural landscape dotted with small mountains. Upon reaching Galician lands, the best stage is the one that tour the Serra Seca between the towns of A Gudiña and Laza.

3. Primitive Way

The Camino Primitivo stands out for always being immersed between mountains and immense forests, so choosing the best stages is not easy. But if we have to stay with some we can cite the one that takes place between Borres and Berducedo, known as the Hospitals variant, an especially solitary sector with a sparse population, ideal for connecting with nature. The stage that starts from that point to Grandas de Salime through the port of Palo and La Mesa is also very interesting.

4. Portuguese Way

On the Portuguese way we can find the best stages at the beginning of the route. The stage that goes from Azambuja to Santarem has incredible landscapes, but perhaps the one that goes from Barcelos to Ponte de Lima, a stage between pazos and vineyards that transports you to the most rural Portugal. If you opt for the coastal variant, a very beautiful stage is the one that runs between Vigo and Redondela.

5. North Way

The Northern Way includes a multitude of stages that do not leave any pilgrim indifferent, such as the initial stage that takes place between Irún and Donostia, very close to the coast and through Mount Jaizkibel. Already in Cantabria we can cite the route between Comillas and Colombres as the most beautiful, with an impressive descent to San Vicente de la Barquera. In Asturian territory, perhaps the most beautiful is the stage between Llanes and Ribadesella, through a landscape of green meadows and small forests. Upon arriving in Galicia, the most attractive stage is the one that takes place between Mondoñedo and Vilalba.

Now that you have a list of the best stages on some of the best-known routes on the Camino de Santiago, you just have to opt for the option that is most attractive to you and venture out to discover landscapes and places full of charm along the way.