Camping is back in fashion: disconnection, nature and freedom

Until a few years ago, spending the summer in a campsite was just synonymous with savings. A multitude of families took this vacation option because they did not have enough resources to pay for a hotel or to rent an apartment on the beach. Over time, however, the concept has changed. Many hotels have lowered prices with low cost offers and camping is no longer so profitable, but even so, this type of offer continues to work perfectly. Why?

bearable discomfort

At first glance, the life of the camper is not easy at all. First you have to choose what our “summer house” will be like. The first option is tents, which are increasingly easy to assemble and with a vast market adapted to all needs. Another possibility are caravans, which offer the comfort of a house on wheels, and there is also a hybrid between a tent and a caravan: the tent-trailer. And for those who can spend more money, there are the bungalows.

Once the “house” has been chosen, we must condition it and acquire the necessary items to make it habitable: mattresses or sleeping bags, bedding, household items, etc. If we do not want to spend money eating away from home, we will have to buy a portable kitchen or use a gas camping.

All of these items, along with the passengers, need to be able to fit into the car, which can be a tricky task. After the trip, it is time to settle in, which also requires time and effort, and then there is daily life in the compound: sharing toilets and showers, washing dishes in common areas, lack of privacy, snoring at night… Where is the Grace?.

Living outdoors, the best of luxuries

According to the latest studies by the Spanish Federation of Camping Entrepreneurs, the sector has overcome the crisis and is assuming historic occupancy figures. The reason for the success of campsites is the change in lifestyle that they represent. It is a total break with the daily routine. For a week or fifteen days, the rush and the rigidity of schedules are parked in order to live in greater freedom and in contact with nature.

These are the main arguments of camping fans. When you enter the facilities, you get rid of the labels, you put on some flip-flops and the world changes. “For a few days, there is no clock or television,” says Carlos Ruiz, a camper for more than 20 years, “in the campsite everyone goes their own way and you can enjoy the tranquility even when surrounded by people.”

For families with children, camping holidays have added benefits. In the summer season, all the facilities organize activities with a monitor, which favors learning and contact with other children. In addition, there is the pool, an infallible claim for young and old.

Camping life also encourages social relationships. The proximity of the plots and the activities in common areas mean that, inevitably, communication is established between the campers. And whoever wants absolute tranquility can also get it. There are high-end campsites that do not allow children and where any kind of noise is prohibited.