Can a person walk on a pool of mercury?


By looking at the image we can answer that question, then the evidence shows that if we can see a miner sitting on a mercury raft. Due to the high density of mercury, 13.53 g/cm3, barely a man’s hand would remain submerged.

Taking into account that human beings are more than 60% water, if we make a small calculation, we conclude that a person could walk on top of mercury.

It will be difficult for you to stand up but you will be able to do it, your feet will probably be submerged but it will be floating in the only liquid metal at room temperature, mercury.
However, even if it were possible to walk on a pool full of mercury, the consequences would be very dangerous. Continued contact and inhalation of mercury vapors cause headache, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, skin and throat irritation, nausea, among others.

Would you be willing to bear such consequences to enjoy this sensation?

Source: Mythbusters Forum