Canal du Midi (Toulouse) France

in the middle of the city

Touring much of the south of France, the Canal Du Midiruns through the center of the city of Toulouse joining the river garonne with the Mediterranean.

This beautiful navigable channel, very popular, crosses precious areas and beautiful natural surroundings of the area of L’Anguedoc Roussillon and places as well known as the magical city of Carcassonne.

Canal Du Midi as it passes through Toulouse

As it passes through Toulouse, the Canal Du Midi offers us a unique print of this beautiful city, dividing it in two parts, joined by little bridges.

With a past, based on tradewhere the Canal was used to carry out commercial shipments, mail etc… little of it remains today and today it is one of the great tourist claimss from the south of France.

Boats on the Canal du Midi

Boats on the Canal du Midi

Today, they are hundreds of tourist routes along the Canal du Midi, of more or less duration in which to enjoy the wonders that this waterway.

In Toulouse, there are many citizens, who have their residence on a boat, anchored in the Canal du Midi, enjoying her life in a very different environment the usual, but in the heart of the city.

Other boats that we find anchored in the Toulouse area are used as transport for touristsalthough we can also enjoy some with restaurant or bar.

anchored boats

anchored boats

The area of Port of Saint Etienne is one of the best areas to enjoy the Canal du Midi and some of its most beautiful boats.

Between Pont de St Pierre and the Pont des Catalansjoins the Canal du Midi with the Garonne river.

Port of Saint Etienne

Port of Saint Etienne

The Canal du Midi is one of the symbols of France and a true marvel engineering which took a lot of effort and time to build, but today is a country emblem and also from the city of Toulouse and another of the great attractions that we have to make a trip to this beautiful city.

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