Cancun: reasons to enjoy an incredible Caribbean destination

Cancun is the great city that welcomes us to the Mexican Riviera Maya. Its international airport receives intense traffic throughout the year, since travelers from all over the world disembark here who want to enjoy the charms of this corner of the Caribbean. And it really is that Cancun and its surroundings are a privileged area, and there is no shortage of reasons to plan a getaway.

Cancun hotels

One of the first reasons to choose Cancun as a vacation destination is because here you can find magnificent hotels and at more than competitive prices.

The number of establishments is so high that to attract their guests we can always find truly succulent offers for category hotels and with the all-inclusive accommodation regime, the most demanded in Riviera Maya.

In fact, in Cancun the hotels are like another city. On one side is the so-called ‘urban zone’ and on the other the Hotel Zone or ‘Island of Cancun’. It is a long extension of about twenty kilometers with wonderful beaches and a continuous number of first-class hotels. In short, an area created for the tourist who wants to enjoy the sun, the beach and the night of the Riviera Maya.

Go to the beach in Cancun

Having the hotels on the beach, it is clear that enjoying the placidity of the Caribbean waters and its white sands is another reason to visit Cancun. For those who want it, a good book and sunscreen can suffice to alternate between sunbathing and water bathing.

But if you are more dynamic, here there is no shortage of water sports and entertainment to do, starting with snorkeling and diving. But you can practice many more activities: jet skis, parasailingcandle…

The beaches follow each other until you reach Punta Cancun. It is difficult to choose one, but we are going to recommend two magnificent ones: Playa Tortugas, which we can consider the pioneer of this entire tourist complex; and Playa Gaviota Azul, a stone’s throw from the beautiful coral reef, which makes these Mexican seabeds one of the best places in the world to dive.

Why Riviera Maya?

The pre-Hispanic civilization of the Mayans is what gives its name to one of the most visited tourist regions in the world. Without a doubt, the charm of this tropical area lies in its beaches, its exuberant nature and its wonderful climate. All this in itself would be a jewel, but also we must add the presence of the archaeological remains of the Mayans.

Some of these places are essential to visit, such as Tulum or the Chichen Itzá complex. But even without leaving the Cancun area it is possible to see pre-Columbian treasures. In the very heart of the city, on Kululcán Boulevard, the El Rey ruins await us.. And another must-see in Cancun is its Mayan Museum, where pieces from various sites in the area are kept.

More tourist attractions

Beaches, culture, good hotels… are there still more reasons to travel to Cancun? Yes, there are. Here endless infrastructures have been created for tourists, especially for those who travel as a family to the Riviera Maya. For them there are the options of entering the Ventura Park theme park or visiting the Ka Yok Planetarium. And you can even board Captain Hook, a pirate galleon.

However, another perfect activity to do with family or friends is to go to the Nichupté lagoon, located between the hotel area and the city of Cancún itself. Over there we can paddling in a kayak and navigate among the mangroves and its multiple treasures in the form of an amazing flora and fauna.

In the surroundings

It has become clear that if someone decides to spend a vacation in Cancun, they will hardly need to leave their resort to enjoy unforgettable days. But it would be a pity not to travel to know the environment.

There are many excursions that can be done, but there are some that are spectacular. For example, it is more than advisable to get to Isla Mujeres or visit Puerto Morelosnot to mention going to Cozumel, one of those paradises that make the Riviera Maya its magical place.

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