Casa Batlló takes its visitors on “a journey through the mind of Gaudí”

Casa Batlló reopened its doors with an experience never seen before. Called ’10D Experience’, it brings together the latest in multi-sensory technology and takes visitors on a journey through the mind of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.

A new proposal from the Casa Batlló in Barcelona arrives to surprise all its visitors. The immersive experience called ’10D Experience’ incorporates the latest technology to take lovers of art, culture and architecture on a journey through the mind of Gaudí. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Machine Learning are some of the components that will awaken the five senses throughout the visit.

Antoni Gaudí is one of the main references of architecture in the world, and the most outstanding figure of Catalan modernism. His impressive works and his style have been the subject of numerous investigations. One of the greatest expressions of him is in the Casa Batlló in Barcelona, ​​which now functions as a museum dedicated to his work.

Casa Batlló ’10D Experience’: a journey into Gaudí’s mind

Casa Batlló 10D Experience is an innovative proposal that brings together the artistic reinterpretation of Gaudí’s work from different disciplines. It offers visitors an immersive experience to explore the artist’s mind and learn what inspired his work, especially Casa Batlló.

In a space of 2,000 square meters, this cultural commitment will be projected, combining artificial intelligence with volumetric projections, binaural sound, movement sensors and immersive spaces. The production will immerse everyone in the context, the time and the entire imaginary of Gaudí, to appreciate his works like never before.

In particular, two new immersive rooms were developed whose objective is to provide multisensory experiences. The first was named ‘Gaudí Dôme’: «The inspiration of genius», equipped with more than a thousand screens, 21 audio channels and a mapping inspired by nature. Through this, visitors are immersed in the moment when Gaudí, as a child, first connected with nature.

The other room is ‘Gaudí Cube’: “In the mind of Gaudí”, the work of the artist Refik Anadol, which presents the first 6-sided LED cube in an installation that promises to take attendees on a journey through the mind of the Catalan architect . To this end, Casa Batlló collected millions of data, videos, photos, drawings, plans, 3D models and original manuscripts from Gaudí. In fact, right now it is the largest digital library on the architect.

Other news

  • At sound level, visitors to Casa Batlló 10D Experience will meet the music composed by the British Dani Howard, performed by members of the Berlin Philharmonic, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Deutsche Oper Berlin, under the direction of Pablo Urbina. The melodies change in each space and adapt to each situation to heighten the emotions of the spectators.
  • In relation to the above, ’10D Experience’ will make available to guests smart headphones with binaural acoustic technology that aims to further personalize the experience by enhancing sensations.
  • Among other things, the walls are decorated with magic paintingsof static appearance, that “come to life” when someone approaches thanks to their hidden movement microsensors.

About Casa Batllo

Casa Batlló is located at number 43 Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. According to historical data, its construction dates back to 1875. Initially, the building was the work of Emilio Sala Cortés. However, between 1904 and 1906 received a comprehensive remodeling by the architect Antoni Gaudíwho was later proclaimed the highest representative of Catalan modernism.

Currently, Casa Batlló is an icon of Barcelona and one of the main cultural and tourist attractions. In fact, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It recently reopened its doors with an innovative proposal that will seek to fascinate its visitors with “a journey through the mind of Gaudí.” Do you dare to live this experience?

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