Casas de Don Pedro, the gateway to Siberia in Extremadura

Casas de Don Pedro is a small municipality in Siberia in Extremadura. whose name comes from the infant Don Pedro. It is a place with a long history where you can enjoy incredible nature, as it is located on the banks of the Guadiana River. There you can visit churches, walk its streets looking for coats of arms, go to the beach and, above all, rest from the madding crowd.

The origin of Casas de Don Pedro

The origin of this population of Extremadura dates back very possibly to before the Romans. But it seems that it will be in the 12th century when it really takes autonomy thanks to the Order of Alcántara, to which the king donates the town so that it can be repopulated. Thus, in many of its houses you will find stone shields with the Alcántara cross on the facade.


Their name may come from the infante don Pedro, since these lands were governed by his mayordomo, don Diego García of Toledo. Although, many think that it may also be due to King Pedro I of Castile the Cruel. Something that still needs to be clarified.

Towards the fifteenth century Casas de don Pedro will be property of the counts of Belalcázar, a noble family to which it has belonged for centuries. It has been and is a town that has managed to maintain its traditions and preserve its heritage.

What to see and do in Casas de Don Pedro

To know Casas de Don Pedro, there is nothing better than walking through its streets. And if it is looking for the noble coats of arms that still preserve their houses, all the better. In addition, it will allow you to discover its other treasures.

1. The church of San Pedro Apóstol

It is a beautiful church built at the end of the 14th century in the Gothic style. In it, the mastery with which the master builders used red brick in doors and windows and the curious slate masonry are surprising. You should also look at the unique cylindrical buttresses that we can see in the head area.

It is located in the Plaza del Sagrado Corazón and has a single nave floor plan divided into sections by means of transverse arches. Abroad, the imposing Mudejar tower stands out that is integrated into the façade and its twin windows.

2. A route through its hermitages

It is a route that will help you get to know the entire municipality. In Casas de don Pedro you can see several hermitages, among them Calvary stands out. Located on the Camino de Guadalupe, it is one of the hermitages that are visited on the pilgrimage route.

Inside the town you can see the hermitage of San Sebastián, a building that, after being in ruins, was converted into a power station. But the remains it preserves are enough for you to imagine how beautiful it must have been.

For its part, the hermitage of the Virgen de las Vegas will take you to the banks of the Guadiana. It is a hermitage that has replaced a previous one that was hidden under the waters of the García Sola reservoir. And the entire population goes there on May 15 to celebrate the festival of San Isidro Labrador.

3. Its wonderful natural enclave

Dehesa – Tomasmazon / Wikimedia Commons

Casas de Don Pedro is located in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve recently declared by UNESCO. In Extremadura’s Siberia you can walk through immense meadows and beautiful mountains and bathe in one of its reservoirs such as Cíjara, García Sola or Orellana, among others.

Also you can enjoy its Transhumance Festival. In it, held in the middle of the countryside, you will learn about several of the endangered species that the ranchers of the area fight to maintain. Among them, the black Merino sheep or the Extremaduran black goat stand out.

4. The traditional gastronomy of Casas de Don Pedro

Throughout the region you can enjoy a gastronomy that still pays tribute to the flavors of yesteryear. The sweets are amazing you can’t leave there without trying some flowers with honey or some holy buns. If what you prefer is to eat salty, you can try a wide variety of sausages, migas or stews based on local products, various game meats. Are you going to miss it?

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