Castelnou .. what to see and do in one of the most beautiful villages in France

Castelnou, treasures of France

Crowned as one of the most beautiful villages in France , castelnou It is one of those places that we cannot stop visiting.

With its medieval air, it is included in the most beautiful villages in France and not without reason, because discovering this villa is quite an experience.

medieval gate

The truth is that we are lucky to be aware of many areas of France and we have been able to see impressive populations, especially in our trip through Alsace and the Black Forest.

We can’t forget about our route through the Perigord-Dordogne where we could also enjoy places as fascinating as la roque gageac one of the most visited towns in France

In this way , and taking into account our background in Gallic lands , we recommend without hesitation , visit Castelnou.

How to get to Castelnou

If we want to enjoy as much What to visit in Castelnou we must know that reaching this population is not complicated at all.

Located in the Eastern Pyrenees on the Occitania region and historical region of Roussillon its location makes How to go from Barcelona to Castelnou does not suppose more than 2 hours of travel.

taking the Ap-7 direction France / Perpignan we just have to follow the indications to the border.

Once it becomes the A-9 in France we will have to leave by the exit 42 and follow the signs.

castelnou south of france
medieval streets

What to see and do in Castelnou

Former capital of the Viscounty of Vallespir the first what to see in Castelnou and in itself , its main emblem , will be its precious feudal castle.

Once we crossed the main medieval gate we will begin to be aware of how much what to do in Castelnou and the beauty of this population.

castelnu france
walking with family

History accompanies us on the tour, while we will enjoy with its cobbled medieval streets and the houses perfectly preserved.

Flowers adorn both streets and buildings and getting lost in this town, takes us to another era.

discover the remains of the walls and towers gives us more details of the scope it had Castelnou France years ago.

Most beautiful villages in France
most beautiful villages in France

He is currently one of the beautiful towns to see in France more interesting, and if we decide to travel through the south of the country with a final destination to places like Carcassonne a visit to this population is recommended.


Main emblem in a trip to Castelnou original of X century crowns the “skyline” of the population.

As in other areas of France, castles are part of the landscape and in Castelnou, it is not the exception

Chateau de Castelnou
entrance to the castle

Craft shops and Restaurants

if we decide visit castelnou france during the high season , we will find among its labyrinthine streets , many craft shops.

It is one of the most outstanding elements of a route through the town.

In the same way, we will find some restaurant in Castelnou, where you can taste local products.

St. Mary’s Church

original of XII century example of Roussillon Romanesque style its name is Church of Santa Maria de Mercadal.

Listed as a historical monument, it is a essential visit.

Castelnou Church
church of santa maria

What to see near Castelnou

Located in an area very close to the border with Catalonia, there are many places to see near Castelnou.

We decided visit Castelnou from Le Barcarés , where we had been visiting the Village of Noel de Le Barcarès ,one of the best Christmas fairs in southern Europe.

Another of the nearby places that visit near Castelnou, it is Perpignan one of the major cities in the south of France.

Narbonne, with its St Just Cathedral and its well-known restaurant Les grands Buffets is relatively close.

If we are in the summer season, Argeles sur Mer It is a good destination and if we want to enjoy the route of the Cathars, the Chateau de Salses is very close.

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