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Cerdeira: a Village of Xisto that was reborn from the Cinzas in Serra da Lousã

The village of Cerdeira is a true example of sustainability in the current times. This village, which is part of the set of five villages of this Concelho da Lousã, has in memory two six visitors who will certainly want to return. And the reasons for isso são muitos. This paradise is more than 400 years old, but it has been abandoned for a long time due to the absence of minimum living conditions, namely sanitation, access and electricity supply.

Quem deu o mote para a recuperação da aldeia, started in the last two years in the eighties by a German sculptress named Kerstin Thom. And, looking for the activities currently carried out in Cerdeira, it is perceived as a link with the promoter of the revival of the village. To justify this situation, the initial use of materials from the region stands out, namely wood and characteristic rocks, where naturally it stands out, but also the contribution of clay.

Nesta line, and not aiming at sustainability, should be encouraged by the current project Cerdeira – Home for Creativity, initially called Cerdeira Village, which has as a great brand a harmonious relationship with the management of resources.


There are several absolutely popular fashion houses that have been created with enormous taste and specific themes. A cross-sectional observation is to enhance the peace of mind and the indelible mark of taking advantage of the inspiration that all the involvement provides.

Giving emphasis to the activities that can be carried out in the village we must start by referring to the spectacular landscapes provided by the Serra. Enjoying the view of the mountains is a delight for the eyes and for lovers of nature, photography and other activities.

But as we already refer, to the village of Cerdeira fica no seio da Serra da Lousã, and is integrated not by its group of Aldeias de Xisto, being the smallest 5 that constitute this network. For all of Cerdeira, it stands out that the other villages of São Casal Novo, Chiqueiro, Talasnal and Candal.

It is worth mentioning that in all the villages it is possible to detect an enormous good taste, as or care that you are responsible for recovering the houses of this time, mainly not that it touches on the conjugation between the comforts two days and the preservation of the identity of this area. For the various routes to be carried out by these places during the day, to glimpse and enjoy the sunset and the cozy atmosphere of the lights in the villages is simply sublime.


Returning to Cerdeira, it is convenient to refer that the road to get to the village and enter me, rather than the opposite of other times, is alcatroada, there being care with the preservation of the species, and, in this sense, there are few openings that can function as corridors for some you animate It is possible to perceive in Cerdeira the dominance of the past that draws without a special charm.

We can consider Cerdeira as a place of magic where there are ponts, houses of great refinement and bom gosto and a harmony as the natural world. Art and good taste seem to have been taken into account from everything here, which seems to have come from any postcard where a small village is surrounded and protected by the Serra.

So that you can fully enjoy all this magic, your own accommodations do not have any television, only internet connection. Curiously enough, there are courses and workshops on this line that teach how to take advantage of what historically the village had to offer, such as making typical dishes, but also to recognize the importance of art in its most diverse forms. It gives writing to music, passing through ceramics or painting.

In Cerdeira there are also some infrastructures that can be enhanced and that become a perfect site for a sabbatical leave intended to retemper energy and strength, but also to inspire creativity. There are examples of the sustainable accommodations already mentioned, but also sites such as the Forno comunitário or the Café da Videira.

In sum, Cerdeira is a caixinha of surprises that makes jus to the maximum that in smaller bottles we find better perfumes. A junction of the best of several worlds is here!

The dominance of the wild nature is a brand image, we will be attentive, visitors will be able to appreciate, for example, you see them in their activities in nature, but at the same time all or comfort is present. There are little more than two dozen houses to invite you to enjoy a totally different world and the opposite of city running, which simply appeals to quality of life.

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