Cheonggyecheon… A stream in the middle of Seoul

Cheonggyecheon, the Seoul Channel

One of the most interesting capitals of all Asia, Seoul is an amazing city that leaves no one indifferent who visits it.

Its huge skyscrapers, neon lights, traditional markets almost movie neighborhoods and exuberant palaces, are some of the attractions that this wonderful city offers us.

But the capital of south korea also has many green areas such as parks , gardens or the recently popular Cheonggyecheon channel.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

this channel, remained for many years “buried” to ensure that in its “course” the traffic of the capital was more fluid, by means of a highway.

Formerly, during the Joseon dynasty, the Cheonggyecheon Stream it was a place of worship , celebration and commerce , all of this was buried in the build the highway that left underground, so many years of history.

Place to enjoy the tranquility

Place to enjoy the tranquility

Luckily for locals and visitors, in the year 2005 the excellent initiative of unearthing the Cheonggyecheon creek and restore its years of glory.

And so it was, after years of a mammoth project, the almost 9 kilometers of this stream were returned to the «surface» turning this fantastic place into one of the great emblems that Seoul offers us today.

In addition to being a place that acts as a lung in a city as bustling as the Korean capital, the Cheonggyecheon channel It is an ideal place to walk leisurely, enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the asphalt jungle.

very busy

very busy

It is very curious the contrast of enjoying this stream while we see huge skyscrapers in a corner that brings us closer to tradition in full modernity.

In its origins , this natural stream caused numerous problems for the city during the rains , so it was decided to rehabilitate it by giving it consistency on its sides thus preventing possible overflows.

If we visit Seoul we can not miss a visit to this fantastic channel , which offers unique views of the capital of South Korea.

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