Chiang Kai-shek Memorial (Taipei) what to see in Taiwan

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial ,Symbol of the city

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial located in the capital of taiwan , TaipeiIt is one of the most emblematic and representative places of the city.

This building was built in memory of the former president of the republic of china Chiang Kai-shek.

Located in the downtown taipeito access it, we must cross the door of The Great Centrality and Perfect Honestywho welcomes us to the place.

The memorial hallis located in a building, very nice, with clear hints of chinese architecturewhich denotes power and wisdom, and is one of the essential what to see in taipei

Very busy with tourists , as well as locals , who come daily to visit it or stroll through it . Peace Parklocated next to the Memorial.

Main octagonal pavilion

Nail stairs (89) lead us inside, where we can go deeper into the life of the former president and the history of the island of Taiwan.

From time to time musical bands and choirs delight us with their music, always in honor of the late former president.

The height of this building exceeds 75 meters and on its fa├žade we find the three colors of the flag of the Republic of China such as the White, Red and Blue.

Their octagonal shapeit is not by chance, because, in Chinese symbology, the 8 is the number of fortune widely used in temples and buildings in Asia.

Inescapable point, during what to visit in taipei the Taiwanese capital , has an endless number of proposals for the traveler , who will find here a point little exploited for tourism and with an infinite number of alternatives in terms of gastronomy, leisure and fun.

Taipei is consolidated as a place of obligatory passage during any free route around taiwan touring the main points of interest on the island.

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