China (Information and map)

The Asian Giant

Being one of the most popular in the world does not mean that it is one of the best known by travelers, off the beaten tourist path.

China,slowly is opening its doors to western tourismbut mainly to national tourism , taking over chinese citizensmost of points of interest that the country offers us.

Chinese location in Asia

its more than 1.3 billion inhabitantsmake it a nation very noisywhere the crowds at any point, they become part of it and where wherever we decide to goquite possibly be crowded.

With a political regime which describes her as Democratic Republic of Chinaits strong communist roots , under the mandate of the most influential leader of the nation as was Mao Zedong , they have not disappearedin a country where freedoms and rights remain in the darkness in many corners.

Image of Mao Zedung in Tian'anmen Square

Image of Mao Zedung in Tian’anmen Square

Many inhabitants, who dedicated their lives to the agriculture, fishing etc… they have seen how their life changed completely and they were deprived of their way of life to introduce them into the enormous asphalt jungle that constitute each of the cities of the 22 provinces that make up the country.

The individual thought , unimportant in china and prevails collectivewhich, of course, comes in handy for a continuing government who gets this way no one raise your voice and to be able to control the population in a global way.

China today is among the 3 great world powers in most levels and their contribution to the world modern is one of the strongest, with an economy solvent and strong and one industry that manages to reach all the countries of the globe.

Terracotta warriors

Terracotta warriors

Its inhabitants with a great business reputation are hardworking and honest who do not put «buts» for long hours of work and that tend to reinvent themselves in adversity.

The ancient imperial legacy is no stranger to today’s China and are many places that bring us closer to the fort cultural heritage of the country.

The natural environments that we can find in this Asian monster are incomparable, enjoying kilometers of coastline, islands, mountains and a huge fauna and Flora that fall in love with everyone who comes to meet her.

Yangshuo Karst Mountains

Yangshuo Karst Mountains

But even though after the Olympic Games disputed in the capital Beijing (Beijing) will completely change the concept environmental of China and of the Chinese, the truth is that the high concentration of pollution is still great to this day.

Little by little the motorcycles and vehicles, conventional, They make way for others electricalwhich offer a more sustainable environment.

The levels of awareness and recycling campaigns They have gotten , alleviate the strong impact which received the environment due to the enormous consumption of plastics, electricity, etc. by so many people

Image of the Great Wall

Image of the Great Wall

what to see

China is possibly the country with more and better options for a traveler when it comes to discovering its heritage, with places of strong cultural significance and others of an overwhelming nature.

  • great wall of china
  • Terracotta warriors
  • Forbidden City
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing Summer Palace
  • Shanghai
  • guilin
  • yangshou
  • Beijing
  • zhanjaijie
  • fenghuang
  • dali
  • Lijang
  • shangri-la
  • Tibet
  • Canton
  • yangtze river
  • the three gorges
  • pingyao
  • datong
  • Terraces of the Dragon’s Column
  • Silk Road
  • Leshan Buddha
  • Panda bear
  • Jiuzhaigou National Park
  • yellow mountains


These places and many more they will require a lot of time to the traveler so it is convenient have a route quite well prepared to be able to visit such a number of attractions

Buddha at Yungang Caves, Datong

Buddha at Yungang Caves, Datong

Outside mainland China there are places like Hong Kong or Macau, that fall within the majority of routes, although we must take into account the visa especially to get in and out. More information here


The transport network that China offers us, is among the best in the world

High-speed train together with the great infrastructure conventional railway of the country, have managed to catapult this means of transport among the favorites to move around China

The bus and road transfers continue to offer very high levels, which worries the authorities due to their high contamination.

Xi'an Railway Station

Xi’an Railway Station

With more than a dozen international airportsair transport enjoys good health in chinawhere we can move to all the main points

The best options for low cost flightsare and

Move by boat either by river or sea it is a guarantee although much more slow and expensive than any of the above.

Currency and exchange

The legal tender in China is the Reminbi (RMB) Better known as Yuan(元).

Currently 1 euro is equivalent to 8 Yuans.

The Yuan is subdivided into 10 Jiao, Although they are rarely used, only banknotes are usually seen. 0.50 Yuan.

100 Yuan bill

100 Yuan bill

Change money in China, it is not easy since only a couple of banks offer us this possibilityespecially the Bank of China. commissions and equivalence does not usually favor the traveler.

The ATM or ATMs, are found in almost all places, although we can only get money in the Bank of China, Bank Beijing and in China Construction Bank. In most of the remaining entities we will not have the option to withdraw money.


Everything and that the Sanitary conditions in China have improved a lot outside the main cities the health system it leaves much to be desired.

Traveling without health insurance is a bad idea.

Even so, in the main tourist centers, hospitals offer good service and good guarantees.


The culinary variety and the myriad of dishes that Chinese society has, is surely the largest assortment that we can find in any society.

flavor mixes incredible where the tradition with the avant-garde it sweet and saltythey will dazzle the most demanding palates.

street food

street food

The big problem that we find in Chinese cuisine, is that within it, they enter all kinds of animals What dogs, beavers, snakes, frogs, cats, monkeys etc… in addition to other more common ones such as pork, chicken or beef.

logically It is a cultural and traditional phenomenon. but it doesn’t stop impact latently when one visits this country.


china map

china map

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