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Churches, museums, monuments, beaches and much more to discover in Coimbra

Com o bom tempo a chegar, as voyages voltam a ser un vontade de muitos. Some go to the north, others to the south, but our recommendation in this content is for the central area of ​​the country, more specifically, for Coimbra.

There are some two unforgettable places in the Coimbra region, which range from its famous museums to its churches and, to its natural landscapes. Let’s go to this?

Places to visit in the region of Coimbra

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

Beginning in the highlands of Coimbra, there is the Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova, also known as the Rainha Santa Isabel convent. This mosteiro arose after a flood of the Mondego River and the immense guard of Rainha Santa Isabel.

Rainha Santa Isabel is very well known because of the miracle of the roses. This legend tells, basically, that a rainha saiu do castelo, numa manhã de inverno, to distribute to the most disadvantaged years. When questioned about how long the sovereign had been with him, Rainha replied that they were roses. D. Dinis was suspicious, but when she showed rainha or that she was hiding, roses will appear and not the supposed fathers.

If you like to visit this museum, you can make the moment last for more than a few years through the purchase of religious articles related to Coimbra. Unfortunately, you don’t have great possibilities of buying non-local religious art, but you can do it in the online store An Italian store dedicated to the sale of religious articles with many options of products, such as terços, liturgical books and, for this specific case, images of Rainha Santa Isabel made by handicrafts.

Green Park of Mondego

Descending from Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova and walking a little in the direction of the city center, you will find the green park of Mondego. This is the ideal place to rest a little in the river or, if you wanted to walk more a little, do a snack at the available tables.

In 2006, the “Pedro e Inês” pedestrian bridge was inaugurated, which connects the two banks of the river, both, therefore, an excellent option after or a short rest.

Walking more or less, check out the cafes in the lower part of the city, where you can drink a coffee on the esplanades and experience some of the typical dishes of the city, such as pastéis from Santa Clara, pastéis from Tentúgal, queijadas from Pereira or as arrufadas.

Be Old

Going up a bit, I can find Sé Velha. This is one of the two most famous monuments in the Coimbra region and it is also the only cathedral in Portugal that has been kept intact since its construction.

For these reasons and because of the appearance of a castle, many visitors include a visit to this place in their list. And, if you need more reasons, at certain times of the year you can attend a serenade in this place, with a typical magic of the city of two students.

Machado de Castro National Museum

Going up more and more, you will visit this museum that has incredible collections of archeology, sculpture, painting, ceramics and much more. More não fica over there! If you are interested, you can also visit Aeminium, an ancient Roman city that can be visited below Coimbra.

Or we advise you to lose, really, some time in a visit to the Museu Nacional Machado de Castro.

University of Coimbra

Checking the same year, we have the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest in the world and the oldest in our country. Depending on the height of the year in which you decide to visit the region, you may discover why it is considered a city of two students – since these have diverse traditions that you may be able to attend.

When visiting the central area, you will get to climb the big tower, have an incredible view over the entire city, visit the botanical garden – and, who knows, stop to rest a little and appreciate the space.

River Beach of Palheiros and Zorro

Finally, if this is a sunny day, you can visit one of the most famous river beaches in Coimbra. Despite being some distance from the city center, there is public transportation for the area.

You can, still, experience other fluvial beaches, such as Praia Fluvial do Rebolim – closer to the center of the city and more recent – ​​or other more popular options, such as Praia Fluvial da Cascalheira – Arganil –, Praia Fluvial do Vimieiro – Penacova – or to Praia Fluvial de Foz d’Égua – also in Arganil.

Finished the visit to Coimbra, why not take the opportunity to visit the surrounding regions? Lousã, Figueira da Foz and Montemor-o-Velho are excellent options to continue or continue.

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