Cities best valued by travelers around the world

A classification has been made with some of the big cities that have a good rating among tourists.

There are destinations that are better valued than others and certainly many tourists They usually take into account the opinions of other travelers to be able to find everything they want during their vacations. The preferences of many travelers on the Musement platform have just been revealed.

New York City is the best valued among world travelersWithin the Monuments and attractions section we find the possibility of enjoying large internationally recognizable cities such as NY, which is undoubtedly the undisputed leader for travelers around the Statue of Liberty, among other icons. Other places like Granada, Madrid or Pisa are good alternatives.

Within this category, travelers usually bet on getting to know the Alhambra, the Sistine Chapelin addition to the famous Basilica of San Pedro in Italy, which is another of the attractions that are usually valued.

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In addition we find excursions and boat trips to highly valued destinations to spend a day. In this sense, a wonderful walk along the Seine in France is usually valued, as well as touring the Danube or the popular canals of Venice and Amsterdamwhich are some of the attractions for tourists.

On the other hand, highlight the big cities that offer very interesting museums that travelers like. Among the destinations we find Florence as one of the places of reference thanks to the uffizi gallery, among others. Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris are also highly valued destinations.

Highlight destinations with a lot of history to enjoy all this in its streets. Among the big cities, highlight Naples, Rome or Pompeii in Italy and Berlin in Germany, which usually attract many visitors throughout the year. Logically, they are places of reference that continue to have a great impact for all that they offer to potential tourists.

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