Cities that transform on Halloween

Halloween has been gaining a lot of strength all over the world, but the country par excellence of this celebration is the United States, where there are entire cities that are transformed on Halloween. If you are one of those who loves to dress up at this party, do not hesitate to visit the cities that we show you below!

Cities that transform on Halloween

This holiday is originally from English-speaking countries: Canada, United States, Ireland or United Kingdom. Today it is celebrated all over the world with parades, huge markets or massive parties.

From Mexico to Ireland, passing through the United States, we are going to tour those cities that are transformed on Halloween. This will be a scary ride, no doubt.

New York, USA)

In this great city we find the largest parade in the world. The Village Halloween Parade It is a unique event where thousands of people in costume take to the streets of the city and enjoy the hundreds of activities that are scheduled.

From the so-called Crypt Crawl through St. John’s Cathedral to the Ghost Walk through the graveyard, the participants allow themselves to be enveloped by this gloomy and creepy atmosphere. Anything can happen in the city that never sleeps.

Oaxaca (Mexico)

Halloween, or rather, the Day of the Dead transforms many cities in Mexico into a colorful celebration where homage is paid to the deceased. It is a popular ceremony where the spirits of the ancestors are invoked to “coexist” one day in the earthly world.

In this way, in cities like Oaxaca, the large markets sell products to entertain deceased relatives in the most attentive way. A deeply rooted custom is to decorate the altars raised in honor of those who are no longer.

Salem (United States)

Who does not know the famous film of the witches of Salem? This Massachusetts city, famous for its witch hunt trials, could not be missing from our list. The city dresses according to the partyletting itself be seen dark and ghostly.

Among the activities that are organized there are representations of trials and hangings, tours by haunted houses, huge bonfires and parades. For the most terrifying and complete Salem experience, don’t hesitate to visit right on Halloween.

London, United Kingdom)

The autumn mist makes the streets of London an ideal setting to recreate the “night of the dead”. The capital offers different events to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year.

We can opt for an enchanted cruise where they will tell us the most terrifying stories, or approach the London Eye to see its transformation. Do not hesitate to enjoy the most famous parties in the city until late at night.

Derry (Ireland)

Formerly known as Samhain, Halloween has its origin in the Celtic peoples, originally from Ireland. If you are one of those who are passionate about this festivity, you cannot miss the cradle of the current Halloween.

This city is dressed in markets and stalls that line the river and leave us a walk full of atmosphere and colors. Some of the most popular events are costume parades or puppet shows.

New Orleans (USA)

You will find from guided tours of the cemeteries to spiritualist clinics. It is difficult to look at a corner of the city without seeing the activities that are being prepared. After Mardi Gras, it is the most prominent event and one of the best places to enjoy Halloween.

It is difficult to find a home without elaborate decorations on its facades. In addition, the voodoo tradition, so characteristic of New Orleans, transforms its streets and wraps you in mystery and the paranormal. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it as it is a unique event.

Sleepy Hollow (USA)

Another of the cities that are transformed on Halloween. A city known to many thanks to the legend of the headless horseman. Best place to celebrate this day? Probably not. Throughout the month of October, this town is transformed in the most terrifying way you can imagine.

The Phillipsburg mansion, over 300 years old, becomes the ideal setting for all horror lovers. Vampires, ghosts, witches… We can meet all kinds of sinister creaturesincluding Frankenstein’s monster or the Phantom of the Opera.

An essential activity is to walk through one of the oldest cemeteries in the countrythe Old Dutch Burying Ground, final resting place of Washington Irving, the writer who gave life to the legend that made this place famous.

“For those who are afraid, everything is noise.”


What do you think of this tour of cities that transform on Halloween? Would you dare to visit any of them? It can be a terrifying experience… but incredible!


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