Climb Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Climbing Table Mountain is one of the obligations for every traveler who arrives in Cape Town. After all, as we will see below, it is not that difficult to reach the top of this flat mountain, hence its name Table Mountain. And the reward is enormous, to begin with because we will enjoy one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Table Mountain, icon of Cape Town

Cape Town

Practically from any corner of Cape Town the unmistakable profile of Table Mountain is visible. From the streets of the city and also from the wonderful beaches. That is why it is not surprising that it has become a symbol of the city.

In Cape Town you will find thousands of postcards, t-shirts or souvenirs with your image. Even the municipal flag includes the famous mountain.

Table Mountain Features

What makes this mountain different is that it lacks peaks. Its summit is a wide and flat plateau 3 kilometers long. That yes, a plateau located at 1,100 meters above the two oceans that can be seen here: the Atlantic and the Indian.

But not only do you see the sea and the South African coastline, you also have the best views of the fascinating Cape Town. In fact, in Table Mountain there are different viewpoints enabled, which allow a 360-degree panoramic view of this region of the world. Without a doubt, an unmissable experience on this trip.

Climb Table Mountain

If you are not in very good physical shape or you are traveling with very young children, you should not be scared by the height of the mountain. We can comfortably reach its upper part by cable car.

And there are also different hiking routes to make this peculiar summit. The ideal? Perhaps the best thing is to go up by cable car and walk down.

The Table Mountain cable car

Table Mountain Cableway

Climbing such an iconic mountain has never been so simple. With the cable car it will cost you less than five minutes to go up. It will take longer in the queue to access its spacious cabins, than on the way.

But don’t be scared they are cabins that fit up to 65 peopleso the queue goes very fast, as up to 800 people go up per hour.

The Table Mountain cable car was built in 1929. And although it is a few years old, it is very modernized. For example, the cabins are rotatable, so don’t worry about choosing a certain position. You will always enjoy the best panorama.

Actually, the journey is part of the experience, so sign up where your base station is. You have to go to the Tafelberg road, more than 300 meters above sea level. A place that you can reach by taxi if you are not traveling with organized excursions.

Hike up Table Mountain

Base of Table Mountain

As we have already said, our recommendation if you travel with enough time, is to go up by cable car and walk down. But if you dedicate a whole day to Table Mountain, or suffer from vertigo, then you will have to walk up and down. Something that is not bad either, since even you have several routes to do it.

The most popular is Platteklip Gorge, which starts at the cable car station and takes you to the top in about two hours. Skeleton Gorge is longer, which lasts about twice as long, but is more attractive between waterfalls and forests. In addition to the fact that its beginning in the Kirstenbosh botanical garden is spectacular.

And finally, the longest and also the steepest is Kasteelspoort. Surely this route is good for the descent, with a lot of attention to the most dangerous passes. But the reward is to go from the top of Table Mountain to the fantastic beach of Camps Bay.


“In the mountains the tourist comes to look for a panorama, the thinker finds an immense book.”

-Victor Hugo-

Some tips for climbing Table Mountain

View from Table Mountain

You may be on the streets of Cape Town in short sleeves, and on the top of Table Mountain there is a cold and rainy storm. It’s very possible, so always bring some warm clothes for this excursion.

And another important tip, You have to pay attention to the loudspeaker. They can warn that the cable car closes its service due to strong winds (common in Cape Town), so you will have to run to take the last cabins. After all, we are in Africa, and there always has to be some adventure in this trip.

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