Climb the Euromast and Euroscoop tower in Rotterdam

The rotterdam euromast, in the Netherlands, can look like a ship’s mast. And it is that his design was really designed to be assimilated to a boat.

The Euromast tower was built between 1958 and 1960 for display Floriade, one of the most prestigious flower shows in the world. This exhibition is held in the Netherlands every 10 years, and in 1960 it took place in Rotterdam.

The city administration, years before such an important event, announced a competition for the design of a building that would impress everyone who visited Floriade in Rotterdam. The contest was won by the famous Dutch architect Hugh Maaskant, who designed Euromast. His project looked a bit different than the tower we see now, but the changes were gradual and usually not too noticeable.

Euromast tower in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Euromast is considered the best observation deck in town from Rotterdam.


The Euromast tower is quite thin, with only 9 meters in diameter and with thin walls (about 30 centimeters). At the heart of the foundation is a solid 1,900,000 kg concrete block that gives such a tall and thin structure the necessary stability.

at a level of 101 meters high there is an observation deck, covered with a glass dome.

Initially, the tower was designed to reach these 101 meters in height and ended with this platform, just as in a ship the mast ends with an observation deck. Even the locals came to nickname the tower as “the crow’s nest«. However, in 1970 it was decided to increase Euromast and added the call “space tower“, a 85 meter high superstructure which serves as a telecommunications mast.

Nowadays, the total height of the Euromast tower is 185 meters.

main platform

There are various outlets on the main platform of the Euromast tower. Most of it is occupied by a luxury restaurantwith silver cutlery, starched tablecloths, an extensive selection of wines (mostly French), etc. They mainly serve good quality European dishes with a fairly high price level and, perhaps, even too expensive for what is offered.

This restaurant occupies the upper level of the platform.

Euromast main level with restaurant, hotel and observation decks.

On this same platform too there are two super luxury hotel rooms, which are usually rented on special occasions. The rooms are comfortable, although not very big, and the view from the windows and from the balcony is incredible. The price per night ranges between €385-770 for two people. These two rooms are only available from april to september.

The lower level, for its part, is the most accessible space and with a much more reasonable value for money. There is a cafe here where you can buy food and although it may also have a high price, you can just have a coffee.


The most interesting thing about Euromast are the viewpoints, the best in the city.

Along the Euromast tower there are several viewpoints. One of them is located on its main platform, previously mentioned, at approximately 110 meters high. A few meters above this platform there is a second viewing area with an open area and binoculars which, on clear days, allows you to see up to 30 kilometers around.


Euroscoop it is the latest addition to the tower. It is a new observation deck that runs along the “Space Tower”.

Namely, a ring-shaped rotating gazebo that goes up and down the outside of the «Space Tower» and takes visitors to the full height of the tower185 meters, from where the most spectacular views open.

In this revolving viewpoint, while moving around the tower, visitors can listen to the description of the main attractions of Rotterdam, including curiosities about the city.

The Euromast tower is sometimes used for extreme sports. It has also come to install a zip line from its observation deck 100 meters up to ground level

Practical information

euromast tower rotterdam
Full view of the Euromast tower in Rotterdam.

The price of admission to climb the Euromast tower It depends on the viewpoints you want to visit.. There are two types of general tickets: the viewpoints entrance and the viewpoint entrance + Euroscoop.

The entrance for only viewpoints is €11.50. Y if the Euroscoop is included, the price is €15.50. There is reduced entry for children under 12 and over 65 years.
These prices are valid if the tickets are obtained through the official website and for the publication date of this article, being able to vary in the time.

The climb to the tower is in lift.

Touring Euromast

Euromast tower address: Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
It can be reached with tram number 8 (going to the Euromast stop).

opening hours: From April to September, the observation decks are open from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM. The level with binoculars is open from 9:30 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. The restaurant is open from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. From October to March, starting at 10:00.

To eat in the restaurant it is necessary to book in advancewhich is done through the official Euromast website itself.

These schedules, as well as the prices, could vary over time.

If you are going to a restaurant or cafe, it is worth considering that the kitchen closes an hour before the restaurant itself. The restaurant may close for private events.