Cloud Gate, a singular monument of Chicago

The Cloud Gatewhich would translate as ‘Gateway to the Clouds’, has become one of the most popular places to visit in Chicago. It is a monumental contemporary work of art that with its sophisticated appearance is capable of interacting with the city and its visitors, hence its success. do you know her Do you want to know more about her? We tell you something else about the most famous work of Anish Kapoor.

Who is Anish Kapoor?

Anish Kapoor is the sculptor of Indian origin –born in Bombay in 1954 but living in the United Kingdom– who devised this sculpture of Cloudgate in 2006. Actually, he worked on it for two years, since he had received the commission in 2004, when he was already a well-known artist in the world. However, this work was to further increase his fame and prestige.

Chicago, art city

The truth is Chicago, the great city of the state of Illinois, is one of the great references of art in the United States. Many of its historic buildings, belonging to the prestigious architecture of the so-called Chicago School, have to do with this.

And also the masterpieces of the collection of the Institute of Art should be highlighted. These have made the name of this city linked to the best museums in the world.

A that has been added the presence of the imposing The Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, within the most visited area of ​​Chicago: Downtown. This sculpture is one of the symbols of modernity, and not only of the great windy city located on the shores of Lake Michigan. In fact, The Cloud Gate it has become an emblem of contemporary culture throughout the United States.

What it’s like The Cloud Gate

We are facing a monumental sculpture 13 meters high and 20 wide, in addition to some 100 tons of weight. Y It has a most unique organic curved shape. In fact, its shape has earned it the nickname of beansthe bean or the broad bean.

This other denomination does not like its author, who insists on calling it The Cloud Gate. However, given the popularity of the nickname, it is a losing battle.

But in addition to its gigantic shape, it draws attention for its material. It is a huge piece of stainless steel, composed, in turn, of 168 sheets of steel so extraordinarily welded and polished that no fusion is visible. When one approaches The Cloud Gate it seems to him a single grandiose piece. Great and, above all, reflective.

Why the success of The Cloud Gate?

In that quality of being a huge mirror lies the success of bean either The Cloud Gate. Everyone who calls her what he wants! But it is a reflection that, given the play of concave and convex curved shapes, gives us a deformed image.

Here the same thing happens as in the attractions of the distorting mirrors that are in the most classic amusement parks. The difference is that what is deformed is the vision of the city of Chicago, the sky that covers it and ourselvesthat we integrate into the work.

That’s the success of The Cloud Gateus. It is a work that makes no sense without the presence of the viewer to get, literally, under the door that opens the sculpture, which does not mean to detract from its author, at all. Kapoor had the idea and was able to materialize it after making numerous models created by computer until he found the result he was looking for.

Admirable, without a doubt, although you also have to know that four times over the budgeted amount. An inconvenience that is usually all too common in large works. Although, it is true that on this occasion the result has deserved the extra cost, since the sculpture Cloudgate it has become the face of Chicago.

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