Cochem, a city that looks like a model in Germany

Their rooftop houses seem to replicate themselves over and over again. His castle on top of a hill stands out next to the river, adorning the entire valley. Its half-timbered houses (completing an urban landscape that looks meticulous), colorful, perfectly preserved. Everything suggests that each photo reflects a place that is too perfect, a place that looks like a model of an idyllic landscape and also perfect. Almost, like the model of a beautiful and perfect town. If we add the Tilt-shift effect to any of the photos, it will look even more like a mock-up.

Erik Soderstrom

Is named carmand it is a small town on the banks of the moselle riverin a green valley crowned by a feudal castle in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The castle that can be seen on top is called reichsburgand has almost a thousand years guarding the valley as the “termination” of a spectacular landscape. carm It is obviously a town and tourist center where visitors arrive attracted by the landscape, but also by the wines and vineyards of the countryside and the entire environment.


The reichsburg castle, in late Gothic style, is the result of a reconstruction at the end of the 19th century. Open to the public, from there you can get some of the views of the selected photos, in numerous viewpoints, towers and battlements 100 meters above the Moselle river.

Michael Osmenda



Holger Weinandt

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allie caulfield



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carm It also has its old town with German-style half-timbered houses, medieval walls, churches and an old monastery. It is the center of a large tourist region with numerous attractions around the river, easily connected through an airport (Frankfurt-Hahn) operated by low-cost lines, as well as highways and trains. And for intrepid two-wheelers, a starting point for marked bike paths.

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