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Large national or European journeys can be made by plane or enjoy a night journey on the Renfe Trenhotel, which is back in operation.

Traveling by train is one of the delights of any trip. It takes longer than by plane, but in return you can make the journey itself become part of that experience. In addition, it is a trip that has an incentive, and that is that you canenjoy an overnight rideat a better price than with most airlines and with all the comforts.

In almost all European countries there is this type of service and Spain is no exception. The ten services offered by the Trenhotel in our country connects points far away on routes that become a good option to travel calmly and comfortably. these ten trenhotel They are made up of cars with seats and an area of ​​private compartments.

Composition of a Trenhotel

The Renfe Trenhotel offers various possibilities for traveling at night. Set is made up of 20 cars, divided by their characteristics. In more detail, we can find 6 cars with 20 seats plus a car at the beginning and another at the end, with 8 seats each. There’s also 10 cars with cabins with bedscurrently in the same category, a car with a cafeteria function and another with a restaurant function.

Total, each Trenhotel offers 234 seats, with 136 seated places and 98 lying down. We are going to see the different ways that exist to travel on one of these trains.

Great Comfort seats

In the Trenhotel there is a total of 136 seatshoused in 6 cars with 20 seats and two cars (at the beginning and at the end of the composition, with 8 seats each. Travelers make the trip in Great Comfort seats, which can be reclined to travel more comfortably. They have a plug, a reclining table and a magazine rack, so you can travel sitting down without sacrificing comfort.

Grand Class Beds

The remaining 10 cars that make up the Trenhotel are those that offer personal cabins, with Grand Class service. Each of the cabins is double and has two 200×80 cm beds and in the cabin you can enjoy private bathroom and shower. In addition, there is image and sound equipment, plug and other services to make the journey at night without problems and comfortably.

For the daytime commute or if you don’t want to enjoy your bed, there are two seats, with retractable tables and other features that help make this night drive as enjoyable as possible.

Communications are made through screens, to maintain the silence necessary for rest on board. At this time, it is necessary to consult how this Trenhotel service works, since the regulations por cause of COVID 19 can make everything change One day to another.

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