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Editor in Chief

Stephan Nails 220 Articles
First of all, hello everyone, I'm Stephan. Writing, which has been my passion throughout my life, brought me together with Mjaac first through the Radio Television and Cinema department, and then through my trials in the industry. In addition to my work for our website, I also host our YouTube channel. I hope to continue to meet with you on the same page for many years to come, both through speaking and writing. Wishing you a new happiness with each new day...
Stephan Nails


Jerry Costanza 317 Articles
Hello everyone! My name is Jerry, and I was born in Harran, Şanlıurfa. I completed my elementary, middle, and high school education in Harran. Currently, I am an active fourth-year student in the Preschool Education department at Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University. I started my writing journey as a blogger at the age of 20, and I am still actively writing. I wrote my first book when I was 20 years old. In addition, I developed myself by obtaining 40 certificates and achievement awards from various institutions and state universities. When I first started this job, I set my motto as "Write to bring life to words!" I have been actively producing content for about 3 years. At first, I tried to produce content on my personal websites and help people. Then our paths crossed with Mjaac, and I started sharing my content there. Currently, I am actively producing content on Since the geography I live in has limited opportunities, I have faced many difficulties. However, this did not stop my determination. I tried to educate myself and learn from everyone. I worked hard not to let geography be my destiny, and now my books and articles are available in the market. I will always continue to write, learn, and teach to reach a wider audience with my content. Stay knowledgeable...
Jerry Costanza
John Antony 351 Articles
Hello, I'm John Antony. After trying myself in various sectors, I wanted to enter the field of editing, which is the most suitable job for me. I have been creating content for Mjaac since January 2022. I also do video editing for our YouTube channel. My goal is to take the Mjaac brand to the top and reach audiences with my content for many years to come. Stay safe...
John Antony
Mariya Nikolaeva 267 Articles
Hello, my name is Mariya, and I was born on March 20th in Istanbul. After starting my high school education in the Radio Television department, I completed it at the university level and graduated from Istanbul University. Shortly after graduating, I worked as an editor/content editor in various fields of the industry, and then our paths crossed with Mjaac. Currently, I continue to work as an editor here, sharing my content with the audience in various fields. Wishing to be together for many years to come...
Mariya Nikolaeva

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