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Vizcaya, like the other two Basque provinces, Guipúzcoa and Álava, has a lot to offer. There is a spectacular coastline, there are beautiful inland towns, you can eat wonderfully anywhere and there are wonderful museums or traditions that the population insists on maintaining at all costs. There is a little of all this in the Biscayan places that we are going to recommend.

Biscay by car

In addition to the great variety of attractions in Vizcaya, another great advantage of this territory is that it is relatively small. and, therefore, during a vacation it can be easily explored. It can be done using public transportation in the form of trains, buses, and even boats. Or, if you wish, you can discover it by driving either in your own car or in a rental car.

On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that when we talk about Biscay you always have to visit its capital: the vital and renewed city of Bilbao. Here we are not going to do it and we are going to go around other corners of the province, but take advantage of this trip to visit the great attractions of Bilbao.

1. Bermeo

We begin our tour through the land of Biscay on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, in one of its quintessential fishing villages: Bermeo. The image of this town and its port is unmistakable.


In the municipality of Bermeo there is one of the most beautiful places in all of Euskadi, the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, internationally famous for having been the natural setting for the successful series Game of Thrones.

2. Elantxobe

Since Bermeo is visited, We recommend embarking on a mini-cruise through this area of ​​the Biscay coast. In this way you can reach the unique town of Elantxobe.

Its view from the port is spectacular, that of a whole town of climbing on the side of the mountain. Everything is so crowded, that if you arrive here by public bus, you will see that it stays in the upper part, in a square where the vehicle cannot turn, so it is the whole square that becomes a turntable. Awesome!

3. Balmaseda

Not all tourist attractions are next to the Bay of Biscay. There are also inside. And a great example is the town of Balmaseda, already very close to the border with Burgos.

A spectacular historical heritage awaits us here with beautiful churches such as San Severino or San Juan Bautista, palaces such as Urrutia or the Town Hall itself. And we must not forget the medieval bridge over the Cadagua River, which has become the image of the town.

4. Guernica-Lumo

Also inland, but in the heart of the Basque Country is the town of Gernika-Lumo. Anyone who wants to know something of the local history you have to come here and visit the famous Tree of Gernikasymbol of the Basque people.

Y very close to there is the Museum of Peacewhose objective is to ensure that events such as the terrible bombing of this city, made internationally famous by Picasso, are not repeated.

5. Santurce

We return to the sea, specifically to Santurce, at the mouth of the Bilbao estuary. This is a very cozy place, with incredible places to go for pintxos.

But also, we can go up that estuary and walk along its shore until we reach neighboring Portugalete. There is the Hanging Ferry which, despite being a hundred years old, is still in use day and night.

6. Lekeitio

And one last fishing village: Lekeitio. This town in Vizcaya, already very close to the Gipuzkoan coast, it has it all: a spectacular old town; the best fresh fish in its port, in their market stalls and in restaurants; good beaches and even an island that can be reached at times when the tide is lowest. Do not miss it!

7. Gorbeia Natural Park

Gorbeia Natural Park It is one of the most beloved mid-mountain areas in the Basque Country. The paths that cross it mean that almost any day, shine the sun or rain, one can meet other lovers of hiking.

And it is also easy to come across the typical herds of latxa sheep in the Basque Country. In fact, Gorbeia is crossed by the Shepherding Pathwhich runs through several autonomous communities.

8. Urdaibai Reserve

We conclude our proposals for the most interesting corners of Vizcaya by going to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. It is a magnificent place to meet the large number of birds that also enjoy the Basque Coast. Visit this place and learn. But, in addition, take the opportunity to practice a sport such as kayaking or even surfing in the neighboring town of Mundaka.

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