Corvino Castle: a magnificent place

Corvino Castle is one of the most popular places in Romaniaa country that is full of magical corners and beautiful landscapes waiting for you to discover them.

This castle, also known as Hunyad Castle or Hunedoara Castle, is located in the Transylvania region. Specifically, it is on the western part of the city of Hunedoara and on the banks of the Zlasti riverone of the tributaries of the Cerna River, which rises in the Retezat Mountains or Southern Carpathians and flows into the Danube.

Brief history of this Romanian castle

The construction of Corvino Castle began around 1315, under the mandate of King Charles I of Hungary. It is a castle built on an old Roman fortification that little by little it was enlarged and modified, especially from the fifteenth century, when the castle was donated by King Sigismund of Hungary to the nobleman Voyk Hunyadi.

It is to the son of this nobleman, Count Juan de Hunyadi, and his grandson, the famous King Matthias Corvino, to whom we owe the major expansion works of the castle. These extensions were carried out in 2 phases: the first from 1440 to 1446 and the second from 1458 to 1480.

Besides, as Matías Corvino was a faithful admirer of Italian architecture, we can find various elements of Renaissance style, but it is the late Gothic style that stands out. With all this, the castle became one of the main fortifications of the Kingdom of Hungary, until Romania became an independent kingdom in 1881.


This castle became a decisive piece in the defense against the invasions of the Ottoman Empire.

During the 17th and 19th centuries, the castle underwent new extensions until, in the middle of the 20th century, it fell into ruin due to abandonment and successive fires. Fortunately, by 1974 the authorities began the process to safeguard this important monument.

Visit to Corvino Castle

The continuous rehabilitation works of the castle make it possible for it to be in excellent maintenance conditions. The entrance area is the most interesting, since it highlights the wooden footbridge that is used to cross the moat.

This walkway is adorned with banners and banners from medieval times and leads the visitor to the entrance arch, which is located just below the main tower, with an air of fairy tale and knight novels.

When you decide to visit this castle, the first thing you will have to do when you arrive at the place is to cross the outer door located in the wall. This door will take you to a courtyard known as Patio de los Húsares.

However, you will also be able to appreciate other important buildings and visit the headquarters of the Museum of Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Hunedoara. In the same way, you will have the possibility of entering the Torture Exhibition, a cafeteria and various shops of souvenirs.

The interior of the Corvino Castle

Once inside the Corvino Castle, you will discover that the interior has no point of comparison with the exterior, since this one is much more sober, although it is not wasted either. Once inside, you will be able to visit different halls and outstanding spaces and delight yourself with its architecture.

Among these spaces, one of the most important is the interior patio. This courtyard configured the typology of the castle by becoming the computer and distributor of the various spaces. From it you can access the main halls and rooms.

Currently, the inner courtyard is used to celebrate various events, such as concerts, markets, parties, among others. Corvino’s castle has 3 floors, although in the courtyard it is only reflected in 2 of them. These floors are connected by passageways and stairs, but decoration is sparse.

During the tour, you will not find period furniture, since the fires consumed most of the decorative elements. We recommend you visit the Hall of the Knights (image above), used for festive ceremonies and various celebrations.

Finally, in addition to everything mentioned, from its towers and rooms you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best possible views and you will see how the castle of Corvino dominated all its surrounding territory and the surrounding mountainous spaces. Without a doubt, this is a castle to visit and enjoy on a trip.

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