Costa Rica, best stand award at ITB Berlin

Costa Rica has won the award for the best stand at the Berlin tourism fair, a remarkable achievement.

One of the most important fairs of reference within tourism is the ITB Berlin, an event that has just been held recently and in which a large number of international countries have participated. As usually happens every year, a prize is awarded to the best stand on each continent, which allows each country to be interested in carrying out the most attractive promotion possible.

Costa Rica stands out for its spectacular stand at the Berlin tourism fairThis year Costa Rica has been the country highlighted by its stand within the American continent. It has been chosen as the best of all the American countries that have participated in this event in Germany. Undoubtedly, this is good news since the Central American country has offered a whole experience at its stand at the fair, with the aim of being able to captivate potential tourists and industry professionals.

Little by little, Costa Rica gains prominence at the international level due to its great tourist attractionssince it is a diverse country with different mountain areas, volcanoes, spectacular beaches, a very varied gastronomy, in addition to offering other possibilities and experiences, which is exactly what it wanted to offer all visitors at its stand.

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Get good recognition in a fair As important as the German one, it is interesting news since it allows the Central American country to have a greater role and more people want to know the country to enjoy its best attractions.

It should be noted that the stand has been very interesting due to its size, since it has measured 300 square meters and it has also been made with sustainable materials, since everything related to pollution is one of the issues of concern in this country. Typical decorative elements such as the colorful carts, the seasonal fruits, its delicious coffee and chocolate, have been protagonists.

It is hoped that this award can help catapult Costa Rica to a substantial improvement in tourism since it is essential to be able to have a greater influx of visitors and better income, which are part of the objectives for the current Costa Rican government and the one that will enter From May.

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