Costa Rica is in 2018 recognized as an international destination

This year Costa Rica has achieved the important recognition of being an international destination, a very interesting country to take into account.

Every year destinations are usually chosen that are interesting for different reasons and recently the gala of the Condé Nast Traveler magazine Spainwhich is one of the great specialists in tourist destinations and which each year usually offers certain countries in the world some important recognitions.

Costa Rica has been chosen as the international destination of the year 2018This year Costa Rica has been recognized as the 2018 International Destination, very positive news for this Central American destination, among other things because it will boost the tourism sector with the presence of a greater number of travelers from different corners of the world.

This is certainly a very desirable destination thanks to its biodiversitywhich is something that can be appreciated traveling both to the coast and to the central areas of the country, where the variety of fauna and flora is something very characteristic and is very popular with all tourists.

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In this sense, the great variety of air routes that Costa Rica has, has also been pointed out, allowing many visitors to arrive from different countries, in addition to having a multitude of hotels and spas to rest during the holidays throughout the year since you can travel at any time.

It is a recognition that has also been granted because the natural areas allow the tourists Enjoy new experiences thanks to the great variety of national parks that the Central American country has and that attract nature lovers so much.

Sun and beach tourism, mountain tourism, land and water sports, a wide variety of dining options, are other reasons to take them into account. Logically, it is interesting to keep in mind that more Spaniards are choosing to visit Costa Rica thanks to the fact that it offers them multiple options to be able to have really suggestive vacations.

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