Costa Rica reopens its air borders for tourists

Costa Rica has just announced that it will open its air borders for a large number of countries, starting on November 1.

Although for some weeks Costa Rica had allowed the entry of tourists from certain countriesfrom the month of November the reopening will be much broader and will allow the entry of visitors from a large number of countries, maintaining the strict protocols that have been in place until now.

High season starts in November and for this reason, the Ministry of Tourism has made the decision to open the air border on November 1. This will allow travelers to have the possibility of plan your vacation in advance towards the end of the year and can spend some time in Costa Rica, enjoying its charms and all the good things it usually offers visitors.

visitors from Japan, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, the entire European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, much of the United States, Mexico, Jamaica and Central Americathey will be able to get to know Costa Rica as of November 1, generating the possibility of entering more foreign currency and creating new jobs.

Every traveler must fill in an online form before traveling, with the data requested. They must also have had a PCR test with a negative result, 72 hours before traveling. An important aspect is international insurance, so that can cover an occasional contagion by Covid and the tourist has their medical expenses covered.

This is certainly good news for the country and for the tourists who want to meet himsince high season is here and it is a good time to enjoy adventure in mountain areas, its excellent beaches in the Limón or Puntarenas area, in addition to knowing all the Central Valley area, with its culture and history.

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