Country of Don Quixote, the tourist route

País del Quijote is a tourist route that invites you to visit four La Mancha towns closely related to Miguel de Cervantes and his most famous work.

If you are looking for a different destination for a vacation getaway, today we are going to propose that you delve into the deep Castilla la Mancha. And for what? Well, so that you know and value something as ours as The Quijotethe novel written by Miguel de Cervantes and that forever changed literature.

there is a tourist route call Don Quixote Country, which runs through four municipalities in La Mancha, very close to each other, which represent the “soul of Don Quixote”. Walking the streets of these towns that we are going to see below is also something more than delving into the pages of one of the best-known and most translated books in all of history, because beyond knowing the “Cervantine” places or those that served as inspiration to the writer, but we also invite you to inquire into the particular history of each place, learn about its traditions and, importantly, taste its gastronomy.

Alcazar of San Juan

The ideal place to start this route is nothing less than Alcázar de San Juan, a town that defends that Cervantes came to the world there and that uses as proof a baptismal certificate in his name that is preserved in the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor. Apart from this church, you must visit the Museo del Hidalgo, which is an ethnographic museum dedicated to the La Mancha region, the Grand Prior’s Keepwith another historical museum inside, and of course its windmills, which are located on the so-called Cerro de San Antón.

Alba Mortar

And if it is said that Cervantes was born in Alcázar de San Juan, it is also said that Don Quixote was born in this town called Argamasilla de Alba. It is possible that this population was the one whose name she did not want to remember the writer in the famous first lines of Don Quixote, because here is the medrano houseplace where he was imprisoned and took advantage of this circumstance to write the first chapters of the work that would take him to posterity. A dramatized visit It is the best way to get to know this and the other monuments of this town.

Cryptana field

The giants The most famous of the national literary imagination were not such giants but, as Sancho Panza rightly pointed out, windmills, windmills that you will find in Campo de Criptana. Worth the redundancy, the mills are located in the so-called Sierra de los Molinos, which can be reached by walking from the Albaicín neighborhood, and three of them are still capable of working and grinding the cereal as if we were in the middle of the 16th century. If you are interested in this show, visit the town on the first Sunday of each month, which is when it is performed.

The Toboso

All the towns on the route are in the province of Ciudad Real except one that is in the province of Toledo: The Toboso. A town that went down in history because of its most famous imaginary neighbor, the sweetie who loved Don Quixote above all things, the story of the Hidalgo’s visit is literally written on the walls and facades of the houses. As the main monument, highlight the Church of San Antonio Abadknown as the Cathedral of La Mancha.

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