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Crazy World: 5 Curious News That Will Surprise You, February 09, 2016

You cannot miss the five most curious and viral news of the week! Among them, you will know the strange case of An An, a newborn baby who was declared dead in China but woke up before being cremated. You will also find out what the viral selfie that confused everyone.

When he barely had a month to live An An He was pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital in Jinhua, China. Minutes after his alleged death, he was taken to a cold room where his body was kept for 15 hours at a temperature of 12 degrees below zero. But moments before he was cremated, An An began to cry.


He was immediately taken to the intensive care ward of the Pan’an People’s Hospital in Jinhua City. In that hospital, they still can’t believe that little An An is alive.

About 100 kilometers north of Lisbonthe Portuguese coast hides one of the most precious enclaves in the world of surfing, Nazaré. An underwater canyon underlies the sea that bathes this municipalitywhich causes spectacular waves that can reach 30 meters.

the australian Jason Polakow, 44, has become the first windsurfer to surf a giant wave of about 13 meters in Portugal. The difficulty, according to the athlete, lies in the fact that the waves of Nazaré do not always break at the same point and the height is very difficult to measure.

An Italian woman has been denounced by her husband for not cooking or cleaning enough. Thus she has written in the complaint filed at a police station in Sonnino, province of Latina and that has been admitted for processing by a city court.


According to the husband, his wife has insulted him for years and sometimes kicked him out of the bedroom. In addition to forcing him to live in unhygienic conditions. The judge Mara Mattioli has decided to prosecute the reported woman, who faces a sentence of two to six years in prison for “mismanagement of domestic affairs.”

The Happy Meal was purchased in 2009 by Jennifer Lovdahl at a McDonald’s in Anchorage, Alaska, with the goal of showing customers “how unhealthy” the food at McDonald’s is. After all these years, the food still looks almost exactly the same as when it was purchased.

Although this is not new, McDonald’s has gotten a bad reputation from these experiments.

It is a selfie in which 16-year-old Kaylan, poses with her twin sister Kyla and her mother who is 35 years old. The text that accompanied the photo said: “Mom, my twin and me”. When Kaylan Mahomes posted the selfie, the whole world tried to figure out who her mother was.

Many people believe that actually they are triplets, while others believe they see the mother in the photograph. What do you say, who will be the mother?
Correct: The mother is the one on the left side of the image.

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