Curiosities of China that we should know (China)

China It is a country that surprises all visitors who decide to visit it in many aspects.

Their modernity or variety of its gastronomy, are some aspects that impact the traveler, as well as the great variety of enormous and green parks that treasures

But aside from this sort of thing, China has a good assortment of customs ways of doing or facts, which are still the most curious.

In this entry we want to detail some of the curiosities What else have surprised us and what do we think we should share?

The Chinese population in general, has little respect when queuingto pay, buy or enter the subway and despite the fact that they line up, they seldom respect them.

It is usual that people blatantly sneak and even interrupt the person being treated, almost pushing.

Must have patience, but also impose ourselves, otherwise we can spend a long time to achieve the purpose that concerns us.

These pants They are the most curious, because Chinese boys and girls do not use diapers for the most part.

Vented pants

dress with some leaky pants which allow them to relieve themselves without the use of a diaper, although it is not the most pleasant thing for those who are nearby.

Except, in the most modern places, international airports and hotels, the use of paper in the bathroom, it is not the most common in China.

most sinks they do not have paper , so we must always carry with you so as not to see us in a hurry.

One of the most popular characteristics of the Chinese inhabitants is their great assiduity to spit.

In addition to being very noisy and obnoxious they spit anywhere no matter who is around.

In most local buses that cross the country and in the trains, we will find bins between seatswhich are not located there to throw the garbage, but to spit.

the theme of snotneither, it is something nice to see, well, they have no qualms about picking their nose, no matter who is in front.

The addiction that many Chinese have for the game is huge.

They love to play video games, bingo, lottery, raffles, board games, cards etc in an exaggerated way.

Macau Casino

Macau Casino

Every evening it is easy to observe groups of people playing board games or letters almost anywhere in the country.

The administrations of lottery or bingo are always packed and places like MacauThey attract thousands of people every day.

In many parts of China, sespecially in Beijing we find scanners, through which we will have to pass our belongings as if it were an airport.

Airports, subways, trains, shopping malls, temples etc… they have this security system, which is in good health in the Asian giant.

The way they have to yawn the Chinese, is the least peculiar.

Regardless of where they are and whoever surrounds them, when yawning, they have no problem doing it very noisy way and without covering his mouth.

Yawns anywhere

Yawns anywhere

If we go on a bus where everyone sleeps, the person next to us, will have no qualms in yawning abruptly not caring if we wake up or not.

accustomed to when we are sitting too long or right after doing some activity, people often stretch, in China, especially women, tend to realize hits on the thighs.

We asked and they told us that it was a way to activate circulation and to activate the legs.

Men in China, in the summer months, they tend to fold the t-shirt down to the ribs.

With the t-shirt in the form of a top

With the t-shirt in the form of a top

Regardless of where we are, we will see men with their shirts folded Well, they say that the body is cooled by the belly And it’s a way to beat the heat.

One of the countries with the most tradition, is in turn one of the most technology on the planet.

Modern and avant-gardeChina is among the most advanced countries in technology, which can be seen in the majority of its inhabitants.

Smart Phone’s, Tablet’s, music players from Last generation etc… they flood the streets and their neighbors who, like in the rest of the world, have succumbed to technological advances, but more exaggerated way.

If we decide to visit China , we must bear in mind that the air conditioning of most places in summer it works at full speed.

Buses, airports and trains can be places especially “ice cream” at this time, so we should always wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

That China is full of peopleis known by all.

Perhaps this is the main reason why all the places that are visited have a disproportionate size.

Any compound or complex that we are ready to visit, we must bear in mind that it will take more time than imagined, well, sure, it will be bigger than we thought

The Chinese population, with possibilities, as in Europe, is under the influences of consumerism.

Maybe in China they are more consumerist than in other areas of the world and do not stop buying and consuming.

Image of the Silk Market Shopping Center

Image of the Silk Market Shopping Center

Food, drink, clothes, shopping etc.. they are part of the daily life of the Chinese population that can afford it.

  • The adventure of crossing the street

Cross the street anywhere in China,it’s quite an adventure.

Cars they don’t usually stop not even in the crosswalksso we must be very careful if we do not want to be overwhelmed.

The motorcycles and bicycles from time to time too walk on the sidewalks so we could say that going out is almost a “risk sport”

  • Everything that moves is eaten

There’s been a lot of controversy lately. around dog abuse by the Chinese.

In China the dog is one of the meals most popular, but luckily in tourist areas it is not seen.

Chinese cuisine, brings together a good number of dishes and recipes in which almost all the animals that we imagine take part.

it’s easy to see beavers, ducks, dogs, cats, quail, rats, all kinds of fish, pigs etc… inside cages, alivewaiting for a diner to choose them.

These curiosities of china, They are not all, perhaps there are many more, but these are some of the ones that impacted us the most and that we will never forget.

Although some of them are aspects the less negative In our customs, it is obligatory to say that the Chinese enjoy many other customs that we should all learn.

If you want to know the 15 curiosities of China that we discovered in our second stay for those lands, do not hesitate to follow this link.

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