Curiosities of Ireland that you did not know

Ireland, the whole island, both the Republic of Ireland and the territory of Northern Ireland integrated into the United Kingdom, offers fascinating places. They are beautiful places where music never stops playing, legends are told and beers are drunk. Because in reality, the best of ireland are the irishcapable of starring in curiosities like the ones we are going to comment on here.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

The first thing we are going to clarify is that differentiation between Ireland and Northern Ireland. They are two territories in which there is different currency: on one side the euro and on the other the pound. And even soon one will be from the European Union and the other will not after Brexit.

But even though they have different governments, laws and taxes, the truth is that they are sister nations and much of the information that we are going to give you is attributable to both countries.

Ireland, the Emerald Isle

The whole island is intensely green. Hence its nickname of the Emerald Isle. It is something that, above all, is understood when flying over it towards the main Irish airport, Dublin.

Curiosities of Ireland: Saint Patrick’s Day

Green is also the color of the national day, on March 17, when Saint Patrick is celebrated. But in this case it has nothing to do with emeralds, but with clovers.


This saint was the one who spread Christianity in Ireland. To make the Celtic peoples understand the issue of the Holy Trinity, he resorted to a metaphor between a clover and Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The famous beer in the pubs

It is impossible to think of Ireland and not have its pubs. It is a type of establishment with a special charm and that has been tried to repeat in many other cities of the world. These are places where there is no shortage of several beer taps to serve pints continuously: dark, blond, red, white beer… whatever you want.

Curiosities of Ireland: sports

in those same pubsIn addition to drinking beer or the famous Irish whiskey and tasting typical dishes such as lamb stew, sports are also seen. And in this they are very curious in Ireland, since there are devoted to sports such as Gaelic football, rugby and hurlingalso of Gaelic origin.

And music

But in addition to watching sports, from time to time the TV is turned off in the pubs and a stage is improvised on which musicians come up to play live. In any corner of Ireland, in the pubsparks or streets, there is always someone playing live. It is not surprising that bands and artists such as U2, Van Morrison, The Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor, The Corrs and many more have emerged from here.

More curiosities of Ireland: Belfast and the Titanic

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and a city worth visiting for its historical heritage. It includes the old shipyards where the Titanic was built. This ship somehow changed the history of the city and is now remembered in an impressive building called Titanic Belfast, from which there is even a connection with the place where the ocean liner sank.

Halloween was born in Ireland

About 15 centuries ago in Ireland there was already a pagan festival called Samhain. It was a Celtic festival in which for three days, at the end of summer, the return of the spirits of the dead to earth was expected. Over time, this festival has evolved into what is now known as Halloween and is celebrated all over the planet.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dublin

We end with a very interesting curiosity about Ireland for those couples in love who are preparing a romantic trip. You can choose Dublin, since in Whitefriar Street Church are the remains of Saint Valentine. When you arrive, don’t be surprised to see other couples in the place, as it has become a pilgrimage for lovers.

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